Flood and Water Management / Drainage

Surface Water Management Plan

Milton Keynes Council has, with the assistance of our partner Risk Management Authorities, prepared a Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP). The SWMP, which covers the entire administrative area of Milton Keynes, looks to understand the causes and effects of surface water flooding and establish a starting point for a long-term preferred strategy and action plan to manage surface water risk in the most cost effective way.

Through an initial risk assessment the SWMP identified 13 critical drainage catchments (CDCs) which represent areas or catchments across the Borough at greatest risk. Further assessment was then carried out on each CDC to look at potential measures for alleviating the surface water flood risk and options appraisals were prepared to outline the preferred site-specific, and borough wide, measures which are most viable. Utilising this information, a long-term action plan has then been established to outline the actions required to implement the preferred options for each CDC.

The final report and its associated appendices can be viewed at the following links:

Milton Keynes Surface Water Management Plan Report (PDF, 11.5MB)

Milton Keynes SWMP Appendix A (Figures & Maps) (PDF, 36.7MB)

Milton Keynes SWMP Appendix B (Critical Drainage Catchment Maps) (PDF, 54.5MB)

Milton Keynes SWMP Appendix C (Options Assessment Tables) (PDF, 360KB)

Milton Keynes SWMP Appendix D (Combined Action Plan) (PDF, 107KB)

Last Updated: 27 February 2019