Flood and Water Management / Drainage

Water Cycle Study

As part of the preparation for Plan:MK, the Council have produced an updated Water Cycle Study (WCS).

The WCS assesses the planned future development of the Borough, as proposed in Plan:MK, with regards to water supply capacity, wastewater capacity and environmental capacity to ensure that both the water environment and water services infrastructure has the capacity to sustain the level of growth and development proposed. Any water quality issues, associated water infrastructure upgrades, and potential constraints as a result of the proposed development have been identified and reported.

The WCS then provides information at a level suitable to demonstrate that there are workable solutions to key constraints to deliver future development for all sites (committed and allocations), including recommendations on the policy required to deliver it.

The final draft version of the WCS can be viewed at the below link:

Milton Keynes Water Cycle Study (2017) (PDF, 1.7MB)

Last Updated: 27 February 2019