What to do in specific emergencies

There are things you can do to help prepare for flooding, drought, high winds, heatwaves, snow and other emergency situations. All guidance is listed below.



What to do in a flood emergency

Here's a handy five step guide to help you in the event of a flood emergency and what should you do.

You can find out about flooding including whether you are at risk and receive advice including Warnings and River levels on the GOV.UK flooding web-pages.  The Environment Agency offers a wide range of help regarding how to prepare for a flood and get help during and after.  You can find out if you are at risk, improve your property’s protection and get advice about insurance there too.

Reporting flooding

If you need to report a blocked drain or waterway please use our Highways drainage report it form available on our Mycouncil website 

You can check your risk from flooding using the River Flooding Maps:

You can register to receive Flood Warnings direct to your mobile phone or email from GOV.UK or check the Met Office website for flood warnings.

If you live in an area at risk of flooding you can create a personal flood plan to help prepare yourself in the eventuality that a flood should occur

Further advice and information on all aspects of Flooding is available from the National Flood Forum.