Food Labelling and Allergens

New regulations require that allergen information is provided to consumers when they buy loose and pre-packed food, including food from restaurants and take-aways.

New rules recently came into force which ensures consumers are given information about the presence of the main 14 food allergens in food they buy, whether it is loose or pre-packed.  Pre-packed foods must be labelled with a detailed ingredients list.  Any allergens in the ingredients must be given special prominence in the ingredients list.

Sellers of non pre-packed food, such restaurants and takeaways will be required by law to tell customers if any of the main 14 food allergen ingredients are in the food they serve.

These changes will mean consumers can feel more confident to ask about allergenic ingredients when eating out.

Advice for businesses on how to comply with these new rules, along with downloadable posters, charts and leaflets, is available on the Food Standards Agency website.

Last Updated: 16 April 2020