Dangerous Structures

What to Report to Building Control 

Any part of a wall or other structure, which is still standing but is, because of its condition, potentially dangerous. This could include walls which are severely cracked, leaning excessively, bowing or prone to movement when pushed.

Building Control can be contacted on 01908 252721 during office hours or on 01908 226699 outside of office hours.

What Happens Once A Dangerous Structure Is Reported To Building Control?

The owners are informed of the remedial work required. Failure to carry out the work within the specified time may lead to the council taking legal action, in the interests of public safety.

In extreme circumstances, the council can invoke emergency powers, requiring the structure to be made safe or demolished immediately and recover costs from the owner.

What to Report to Highways 

A wall or other structure that has already collapsed is not a matter for Building Control unless there is a remaining section that falls within the description above.

A wall or structure that has fallen onto a road or footpath and requires clearing should be reported to the Highways team.

Last Updated: 27 August 2020