Dangerous Wild Animals

Please Note: The Council no longer accepts cash payments for applications. Where on line applications are submitted through the gov.uk portal then you can pay by debit card but where you submit applications by post you will need to enclose a cheque or alternatively provide a phone number on the application form and we will contact you to take payment over the phone

No person shall keep an animal that is listed in the Schedule of The Dangerous Wild Animals Act, except under a licence granted by the local authority. More information regarding this legislation can be found by using the following link to The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 (Modification) Order 2007 .

How do I apply?

The completed application form (PDF, 25KB) should be returned to the Licensing Team at the address given in the form.

How much does the licence cost?

Please see current fees list:

Licencing fees and charges (2019 - 2020) (PDF, 240KB)

There is a charge to apply variations to the licence, please see the link above.


Last Updated: 1 April 2019