Lottery Registration - Small Society Lotteries

Charitable collections for prizes

Applications for registrations can be made at any time, the fee for registration is £40.

Lotteries classified as Small Society Lotteries are exempt from the requirement to have a Lottery Operating Licence from the Gambling Commission but instead need to simply register with the Local Authority.

Lotteries are exempt if they are promoted wholly on behalf of a non-commercial society, if it is a small lottery (see below for definition), and complies with the other conditions of a small society lottery are satisfied (as below)

  • The proceeds of a single lottery must not exceed £20,000
  • The proceeds from the societies lotteries promoted wholly or partly during the year is less than £250,000
  • May be promoted for any purpose for which the promoting society is conducted
  • At least 20% of the proceeds of the lottery must be applied to a purpose for which the society is conducted.
  • It must not be possible for the purchaser of the ticket in a small society lottery to win by virtue of that ticket more than £25,000.
  • Tickets must identify the promoting society, state the price of the ticket, state the name and address of a member of the society and external lottery manager if there is one and also state the date of the draw or enable the date of the draw to be determined.
  • Records must be filed with the Local Authority with regard to the lottery for example the tickets sold, proceeds, costs incurred etc.

Click the following links for a Lottery registration form (PDF, 153KB) and Guidance Note (PDF, 27KB)

After every draw conducted returns MUST be submitted to the Licensing Department. Click the following link for the Return Form (PDF, 12KB)

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Last Updated: 25 August 2020