Taxi Licensing Policy, Annual Report & Public Registers

Policy and Fees

Milton Keynes Taxi Policy 2021 v9 (PDF, 1MB)

Milton Keynes Council Taxi Fees (PDF, 132KB)


Public Registers - Hackney Carriage and Private Hire

Operators (December 2020) (PDF, 94KB)

Combined Drivers Licence - February 2021 (PDF, 410KB)

Hackney Carriage Vehicles - February 2021 (PDF, 176KB)

Private Hire Operators - February 2021 (PDF, 120KB)

Private Hire Vehicles - February 2021 (PDF, 356KB)

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles - February 2021 (PDF, 123KB)


The lists change daily so we advise you to check the most recent status of a licence by contacting Milton Keynes Council’s Taxi Licensing Service.

Last Updated: 5 October 2021