CitiZEN project

The CitiZEN project was co-funded by the EU Sustainable Mobility for Citizens of the European Union. The aim of CitiZEN was to create interest and support for improved local mobility solutions.

The CitiZEN consortium was coordinated by Energy Cities and Milton Keynes joined 5 other European partners to deliver the project: Bistrița (Romania), Čačak (Serbia), Modena (Italy), Växjö (Sweden) and Zadar (Croatia). 

The CitiZEN partnership focused on encouraging sustainable mobility. This objective was achieved by engaging with citizens and transport providers to develop solutions which can be implemented and promoted. More information on the project is available on the Energy Cities website.

Low carbon transport in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a unique area with sustainability at the heart of city planning. The redways provide opportunities for commuting and leisure cycling and walking and there are several innovative projects showcasing low carbon transport:

The electric bus scheme has been successful and in 2016 Milton Keynes was awarded a Government grant to increase the fleet by a further 11 buses. Follow the link for more information about electric buses in MK.

The Catapult Transport Systems innovation centre is responsible for introducing self driving pods to UK streets. This autonomous vehicle project has created a great deal of publicity around the world. You can find more information on the Catapult Transport Systems website.

The transport strand of the MK:Smart project has produced the MotionMap app. This provides citizens with information on parking availability, traffic congestion and public transport using Cloud Enabled Mobility concept. The app provides travellers to make decisions on the best way to reach their destination, ideally using an electric bus or an MK pod.

These are high profile projects and there is ongoing research on smart data to improve our knowledge of transport movement. This research will help shape future sustainable transport solutions and decisions.

Working towards compliance with EU and UK legislation

All UK local authorities have a commitment to reduce CO2 emissions under adopted EU Directives and central government legislation. Low carbon urban transport will help reduce emissions, keep MK air quality clean, contribute to economic growth and provide employment opportunities. The CitiZEN project provided the framework for building on sustainable transport solutions by listening to citizens opinions and sharing information with the EU partners.

CitiZEN project timeline and activities

The project ran for two years from 2015 to 2017 by a grant from the ‘Europe for Citizens’ programme. During the two years there are project meetings and public events in four of the pilot cities:  Växjö in September 2015, Milton Keynes in May 2016, Modena in September 2016 and Zadar in May 2017.

Webinars were used as a low carbon option of steering group meetings. The Europe for Citizens grant covered staff time and paid for the Cycle Cinema event (JPG, 528KB) in Milton Keynes 2016.

Milton Keynes event

The MK meeting in May culminated in a transport themed public event on 21 May 2016. The main attraction of this event was a cycle powered cinema in The Gallery in Central Milton Keynes. Electric Pedals provided the cinema and an outdoor ‘extreme tea challenge’; a team competition to boil water in the fastest time. The Tea Challenge demonstrated how much energy is required to heat even a small amount water. The event was well attended with over 300 people joining in the fun day. Alongside the Cinema, the Gallery hosted a sustainable transport themed children’s workshop and stalls in Margaret Powell Square.

Final Report

The CitiZEN project drew to a close in summer 2017 and a final report has been created. Follow this link to view the events delivered by partners over the lifetime of the project and click here to download a concise project factsheet (PDF, 535KB).


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Last Updated: 10 July 2020