Living Streets Community Project

The Living Streets Community Project was funded by the European Commission’s Life programme. The project aim was to temporarily transform streets into community areas with space for neighbours and families to socialise.

The Living Streets project intention was to convert streets from roads and pavements into an attractive area where people could meet, grow plants and flowers, create an entertainment space and share food.  In the project the Living Streets were created by residents, for residents.

Living Streets projects have been created across Europe and were successful within their communities.  The main aim of a Living Street was to encourage residents to try alternatives to using the car such as considering car sharing for shopping trips or commuting.  By creating a green area with street furniture, neighbours could meet, spend time together and form friendships through sharing interests.

These Living Street projects were funded through the European Commission's Life programme, although this project has now ended, if you would like more information contact the Council's Sustainability Team: Email  

Phone:  01908 254791







Last Updated: 10 July 2020