Low Carbon Living

Partnership collaboration to meet 40% carbon emission reduction target by 2020.

Milton Keynes Council actively supports Milton Keynes citizens, communities and businesses to find ways to reduce carbon emissions.  Reducing carbon emissions can lead to saving money and improving quality of life.

The MK Low Carbon Living initiative is a collection of projects that aims to make Milton Keynes more sustainable.  The Council works with partners in the United Kingdom and across Europe to change the ways energy is used in the Borough.

The MK Low Carbon Living section contains pages with further information on the Council's low carbon projects.  The pages provide advice on energy efficiency projects and how to find further information.  Many of the projects are initiatives for supporting citizens to work together to make positive lifestyle changes and learn new ways to make their environment cleaner.

The Council has committed to reduce carbon emissions by 40% between 2005 and 2020.  This commitment was formalised by becoming a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.  This 40% target has almost been reached but new ways to save energy need to be identified.  All MK citizens can play a part in how we make changes and shape the future of the Borough.

Since Milton Keynes made this commitment, the UK Government introduced the Energy Act 2008.  This policy was implemented to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and ensure secure, clean and affordable energy.

In October 2017 the UK Government produced a policy paper on their Clean Growth Strategy, a plan for a low carbon future.

Local authorities have an obligation to reduce carbon emissions and save money on energy costs.  The Council has made significant savings by adopting low cost energy saving schemes and strategies.  The Imagine MK2050 Strategy (PDF, 2.3MB) document is a collection of ideas from citizens on how to work towards a near zero emissions Milton Keynes by 2050.

Through partnership collaboration and sharing information on the ways energy is sourced and used, we can work together to continue making Milton Keynes an example of good practice for low carbon living.


Last Updated: August 2017

Last Updated: 18 July 2018