Public Organisations Transform Energy Transitions (POTEnT) project PG106011

MKC is part of an EU project consortium that will improve regional low carbon economy policies. The project will run for 48 months from 1 August 2019. Funding for MK is up to Euro 162k.

POTEnT addresses a key challenge for European cities and regions: how to achieve more carbon reduction by harnessing the potential of direct and local action by citizens and communities. The UK is committed by international treaty to achieve ambitious carbon reduction targets and everyone needs to start action as soon as possible.

Regional and local authorities can provide a positive alternative to the market-based provision of energy services. The POTENTIAL lies in their local connections, opportunities and accountability.

However, local authorities face many challenges in becoming actors in the energy market. First, they need to develop legal mechanisms, attract investment, acquire skills and talk over the options with local communities. Many regulations are made at central government level, so solutions need to be tailor-made to suit local conditions.

The objective of POTEnT is to reduce carbon emissions faster than “Business As Usual” through more and better energy services provided by local and regional authorities.

The 8 project partners are:

  • City of Ostrava (CZ)
  • Milton Keynes Council (UK)
  • Pamplona City Council (ES)
  • Parma Municipality (IT)
  • Erasmus Centre for Urban, Port and Transport Economics BV (NL)
  • Ettlingen Municipal Services Agency (DE)
  • Tartu Regional Energy Agency (EE)
  • Energy Agency for Southeast Sweden (SE)

The project partners will:

  • analyse partners’ plans through Thematic Events and Mentoring Days,
  • Identify good practices that will improve these plans, through Study Visits and import them via special workshops and comparing Regional Action Plans.
  • develop/improve public Energy Services Companies (ESCos) and increasing their uptake 
  • build the capacity of all relevant public authorities including ERDF Managing Authorities
  • increase investments in low carbon projects, and inspire/empower local decision-makers and communities
  • The project’s main outputs will be focused on new energy transition solutions through:
    • New projects to increase investment in low carbon projects, inspire/empower local decision-makers and communities to achieve higher levels of carbon reduction.
    • Improved governance by delivering policies to develop/improve public Energy Services Companies and transform existing mechanisms into "future-fit" organisations that will have a bigger impact on carbon reduction.

POTEnT is funded by the Interreg IVC EU programme. Total combined Interreg IVC EU funding for all partners is 1.69 million Euros. Find out further information about POTEnT from the project website

Monthly updates

December 2019 update

Read the first POTEnT newsletter (PDF, 369KB) and POTEnT press release #1 (PDF, 189KB) following the second project meeting.

March 2020 update

Read the POTEnT press release #2 (PDF, 103KB)Sustainability Conference 2020 report (PDF, 617KB) and see the visual interpretation. (PDF, 3.2MB)

June 2020 update

Read the POTEnT press release #3. (PDF, 109KB) 

July 2020 update

Read the second POTEnT newsletter. (PDF, 1.1MB) 

January 2021 update

Read the POTEnT press release #4 (PDF, 186KB) and the third POTEnT newsletter. (PDF, 771KB)

Read the POTEnT press release #5 (PDF, 275KB) and the fourth POTEnT newsletter. (PDF, 718KB)

December 2021 update

Read the  fifth POTEnT newsletter POTEnt newsletter#5 Dec2021 (PDF, 1011KB)

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Last Updated: 15 December 2021