The 2019 – 2050 Sustainability Strategy


The aims of the Strategy are:

  • Use less carbon than we are able to capture;
  • Contribute positively to action on climate change;
  • A more sustainably designed city;
  • A transition to low-cost renewable energy sources;
  • A sustainable green economy with well-paid jobs;
  • Reduce the consumption of resources without sacrificing economic development;
  • A diverse, green and bio-diverse environment;
  • Less use of water;
  • Clean air;
  • A healthier and more sustainably conscious population.


The objective of this strategy is to set out our intentions to be the Greenest City in the World, and set a framework for how to intend to do this.


The priorities for action are :

Sustainability priorities

These priorities are goals for Council teams to work towards so carbon emissions are brought down to zero by 2050.

Follow the link to view the Councils full Sustainability Strategy (PDF, 577KB)






Last Updated: 10 July 2020