Smoke Control Areas in MK

Smoke control areas - what you must do

Check this map to see if you are in a Smoke Control Area

Smoke Control Area Map (JPG, 330KB)

If you are in a Smoke Control Area you must:


1. Use an authorised (smokeless) fuel

These fuels emit relatively low amounts of smoke and can be legally burnt on open grate fires.

Some solid fuel heating appliances are designated to burn specific and examples of these include the Parkray Consort/Chevin, the Charnwood and the Trianco Redfyre. Typical authorised smokeless fuels include Homefire, Phurnacite, Sunbrite and Blazebrite.

Coal (excepting anthracite coal) and wood are not authorised fuels and must not be burnt on open grate fires.


2. Use an exempted heating appliance

Any coal, wood or other fuel, which is not an authorised smokeless fuel, may be used in a smoke control area if it is burnt on an exempted heating appliance. These appliances are designed to burn off or "eat" their own smoke. Examples that burn coal include ‘smoke eaters’ such as the Parkray Coalmaster, Coalking and Triancomatic boilers. Examples that burn wood include the Clearview Stove and Jotul. For the appliance to remain exempt, manufacturer's recommendations must be followed.

Many closed stoves, cooking ranges and freestanding potbelly stoves are not exempt.

If in doubt check with the manufacturer.


3. Light the heating appliance so as to minimise smoke

The way in which the fuel is lit must cause minimum smoke. Sticks and paper or firelighters are both accepted methods of lighting solid fuel.

Use this link for a list of exempt appliances and authorised fuels 

Last Updated: 30 November 2017