About Buy With Confidence

Buy With Confidence scheme is a scheme supported by Milton Keynes Council's Trading Standards Service. The aim is to help businesses to comply with consumer protection laws through a partnership approach. Businesses approved under this scheme are approved by Trading Standards and this helps to reassure potential customers.

Do you need some work done at home or on your car?

Are you looking for a trader to do some work for you? Not sure which business is trustworthy? Try looking for a trader that is approved by Trading Standards under the Buy With Confidence scheme.

Any business registered under the Buy with Confidence scheme is audited by a trading standards officer to ensure that they comply with the laws that protect you as a consumer.

Trading Standards also check their insurance, advertising, complaints procedure, criminal records and more before the trader becomes a member of the scheme.

If you would like more information about the scheme and to find a local approved trader please visit the national Buy With Confidence website.


What are the benefits of membership?

● Reassure customers that you’re trustworthy & provide good customer service
● Directory listing on the Buy With Confidence website, used by the public to find dependable businesses
● Get a Trading Standards checkup before admission to ensure you’re legally compliant*
● Be able to use the Buy With Confidence logo and say you’re ‘Trading Standards Approved’
● Set yourself apart from competitors – only those good enough to pass our vetting get onto the scheme
● Open to most business sectors, not just home improvement and/or the motor trade
● Access to advice direct from local authority employed Trading Standards professionals
● Get information about changes to the law that could affect your business
● Not for profit – run by local authorities, so all fees go back into the running & promotion of the scheme
● All-in-one Price – all of the benefits of Buy With Confidence are included in your annual fee**
● Help protect your community from rogue traders and illegitimate businesses
● Find out more about the scheme and its benefits here

PLUS, you could save money – Solicitors and others may charge hundreds of pounds for advice on legal compliance and other Trading Standards issues, but it’s included in your Buy With Confidence membership. For many businesses we are like an insurance policy, so that they know if they have a relevant problem, we’re there to help for no extra charge.***

More than 50 local authorities (find a full list here) support the scheme, having decided that Buy With Confidence offers the customer protection and business support they think is vital. Even if your council isn’t directly part of the scheme, you can still apply to become a member and attain Buy With Confidence Trading Standards approval.

Buy With Confidence is not just a feedback scheme – it’s about proper Trading Standards administered vetting and monitoring, to help give the public the assurance that any business on our list is only there because they deserve to be. By becoming a member, you can help us steer people away from the rogues and fraudsters that give legitimate businesses a bad name, and towards good, honest, reliable traders.

Has your business got what it takes to be Buy With Confidence Trading Standards Approved? Apply Now

*The Buy With Confidence application process includes a full audit of your business, where Trading Standards professionals will check how you operate and provide advice if you need help to be 100% legally compliant, or if you could improve your processes.
**There may be a charge for some non-core additional benefits. All benefits listed on this website are included in the annual fee once a business is admitted (unless expressly excluded).
***In exceptional circumstances, a limitation may be imposed on the amount of advice an individual business can receive, if it is judged they are abusing the system.

Limitations of the scheme

All information provided is to assist consumers in exercising their own best judgment. We cannot guarantee the financial stability or health and safety procedures of the company. All information is provided in good faith but no guarantee will be given or implied as to the accuracy of the information provided.

Last Updated: 29 June 2020