Join Buy With Confidence

How does a business apply to be a member of the scheme?

Please fill in the application form here to apply for Buy With Confidence membership. After submission your application will be passed to the Scheme Operator for your area, who should be in touch soon to inform you of the next steps which will include a face to face visit with you.

For more information on why you should join Buy With Confidence, please visit this page.
For further details about the costs associated with membership of the scheme, please look at our list of fees.

Please Note: As part of the approvals process, various background checks will be made concerning your business, and a face-to-face visit will also be arranged. By submitting this application form Buy With Confidence may initiate checks that can include (but are not limited to):
• Civil Court Judgements
• Financial Checks
• Criminal Convictions (for business owners/staff who work in or around their customers’ premises)
• Consumer Credit Licence (if applicable)
• Membership of any claimed trade associations or professional bodies
• Trading Standards Services’ own enquiry database(s) and/or the Citizens Advice Consumer Service database

Last Updated: 18 March 2020