Strengthening Families Budget 2020-21 Application for Funding


Please read the following guidance and then complete the form to apply for funding from the Strengthening Families Programme.

The fund is intended to provide financial support to purchase goods or services to support families worked with under the Strengthening Families Programme and applicants will need to demonstrate how the funding will support the outcomes detailed in the Milton Keynes Outcomes Plan for the family.

In addition to supporting the Programmes outcomes, it is expected that applicants will have considered, and provide evidence of, exploring other forms of funding. Additional funding from other bodies e.g. match funding, will be encouraged and whilst not essential will strengthen the application.

Based on the information supplied, each application will be judged on its merits by the Strengthening Families Programme Manager.

The maximum amount available for each family will be £80.00, except in exceptional circumstances. Where goods or services, previously approved, do not proceed, the amount allocated will be returned to the Programme. Monies can only be used for the specific purpose for which they are approved.

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