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Public Health’s ambition is to enable the working age population to achieve their health and wellbeing potential at work.
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Welcome to the Healthy Workplace Award: a new workplace accreditation scheme, recognising the efforts of organisations across the East of England and South East to improve workplace health.

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People in the UK on average work 36 hours per week which means 21.4% of our week is spent at work. During this time our working environment is influencing our mood and emotions which can in turn impact on our home lives and our interactions with family and friends.

Based on the above figures it is estimated that full time employees alone in Milton Keynes take almost 530,000 days off sick annually and the cost impact of sickness to Milton Keynes Businesses from full time employees alone is more than £64Million annually. Source: MKC JSNA Workplace Health (2016/2017).

Where do I start?

For information on where to start please view the Public Health England Workplace Health Needs Assessment (PDF, 3.3MB).

Our Offer

The Councils across Milton Keynes, Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough are committed to supporting local businesses to improve the health and wellbeing of its employees, regardless of size or sector.

Healthy Workplace Award Scheme

The workplace is increasingly being recognised as a key setting for health promotion and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has established the workplace, along with schools, hospitals and the marketplace as one of the priority settings for health promotion into the 21st century this is due to the workplace having influences on physical, mental and economic wellbeing.

The Healthy Workplace Award Scheme has been set up to provide organisations and businesses in Milton Keynes, Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough with a consistent measure of workplace health. It covers core standards and sets out a framework for employees to measure performance regardless of size or sector.

The Healthy Workplace Awards Brochure (DOCX, 1.2MB)

The Healthy Workplace Award Scheme invites employers to take a flexible, honest appraisal of how their organisation is performing starting at Bronze level and overtime progressing through to Gold. The Healthy Workplace Award Scheme is independently accredited which can have a profound impact, paying dividends for employers and employees alike.

The Healthy Workplace Award allows organisations to work towards an area of workplace health that are important for them and their staff. The eight strands to choose from:

  • Alcohol and substance misuse
  • Attendance management
  • Health & safety
  • Healthy eating
  • Leadership
  • Mental health
  • Physical activity
  • Smoking & tobacco

RAND Corporation 2018 Review found accreditation standards contributed to: “improvements in policies, infrastructure and the provision of wellbeing programmes by participating organisations, such as sickness absence, job satisfaction and staff morale”. 

Potential Measureable Outcomes are defined by:


  • Happy, healthy productive workforce
  • Reduction in the % rate of sickness absence
  • Reduction in sickness absence and recruitment costs


  • Improved health and wellbeing (mental health, physical health and emotional wellbeing)
  • Positive changes in health behaviours
  • Increased productivity
  • Job satisfaction

To find out more information on The Healthy Workplace Awards please see our Healthy Workplace Awards Scheme brochure (add link /or brochure).

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The Healthy Workplace Award has been adopted for Bedfordshire, Luton and Milton Keynes with permission and acknowledgment to Suffolk County Council. Use of The Healthy Workplace Awards remains free without costs to organisations applying for the award.


Last Updated: 13 January 2020