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Public Health’s ambition is to enable the working age population to achieve their health and wellbeing potential at work.

People in the UK on average work 36 hours per week which means 21.4% of our week is spent at work. During this time our working environment is influencing our mood and emotions which can in turn impact on our home lives and our interactions with family and friends.

Based on the above figures it is estimated that full time employees alone in Milton Keynes take almost 530,000 days off sick annually and the cost impact of sickness to Milton Keynes Businesses from full time employees alone is more than £64Million annually. Source: MKC JSNA Workplace Health (2016/2017).

Our Offer

Work Well: Business Steering Group

The workplace is increasingly being recognised as a key setting for health promotion and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has established the workplace, along with schools, hospitals and the marketplace as one of the priority settings for health promotion into the 21st century this is due to the workplace having influences on physical, mental and economic wellbeing.

Role of Public Health:

  • Public Health will provide leadership in the development of this group using  evidence based strategies, policies, resources and tools
  • provide advice, support and assistance in the implementation of health and wellbeing in the workplace
  • assist members in the promotion of a culture of health and wellbeing in own workplace
  • support members of this group to recognise barriers and enablers to healthy lifestyles within the workplace, and assist in developing initiatives to address these

Role of individual group members:

  • attend regular meetings as required
  • carry out assessments for your business as per the 4 steps
  • represent the interests of all Work Well: Workplace employees
  • advocate the initiatives and outcomes identified in the programme to champion in your workplace

The 4 steps to Work Well Model include the following processes which as a member of the steering group, you will be supported to carry out:

  1. Register to the Work Well steering group
  2. Baseline Assessments e.g. Healthy Workplace Standards, staff survey & sickness absence data assessment
  3. Deciding on healthy workplace priorities & action plan
  4. Follow up/Evaluation


Work well 4 step model


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Last Updated: 12 April 2019