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Milton Keynes - Zero Emission Bus Regional Assessment (ZEBRA)

The Milton Keynes ZEBRA initiative brings forward a new approach to delivering, at pace, a city scale zero carbon bus operation. Using an innovative commercial approach, backed by advanced battery technology, a solution has been tailored for the challenging operating condition found in Milton Keynes.

In designing the operation for Milton Keynes, we have been able to maximise value for money by not accepting solutions which are not wholly fit for purpose, and this has enabled us to present a positive benefit to cost ratio.

MKC, experienced in delivering electric mobility services across all modes, will lead a strong collaboration made up from leaders in the field of transport, financing, service operation, vehicle manufacturing and infrastructure provision.

The aim of the initiative is:

  • To support and enable the growth and development of Milton Keynes in line with its ambition to double in size over the next 30 years, and over same time period achieve carbon negative.
  • Specifically, supporting balanced mobility opportunities to facilitate unprecedented growth in the Oxford – Cambridge Arc realising MK potential to deliver early growth as part of the £200 bn injection to UK economy.
  • Improve public transport and the role it contributes to delivering sustainable transport, reducing congestion, with productivity gains for all travellers and reducing the harmful impacts on MK resident if unfettered vehicle growth was to continue.
  • To support the MKC and government’s commitment to decarbonisation and to reduce the transport sector’s contribution to CO2 emissions and other harmful emissions.
  • To support the roll-out of Zero Emission Buses by creating an innovative commercial delivery model for city scale fleets which can be replicated across the UK.
  • To support and demonstrate the technology required to operate in real word environments serving passengers.
  • To create partnerships between a wider range of partners drawn from finance, operators, technology- led by a local authority to serve the needs of passengers.
  • To share learnings of how the new services and technology can be applied to other areas in the UK and help create UK capability in the field of zero carbon transport.
  • To meet the needs of all passengers in a fair and equitable way.

The executive summary of our application can be seen in theZEBRA Business Case AA (PDF, 114KB). If you would like to review the full submission, email Brian Matthews.

The initial expression of interest is available in the Zero emission bus regional areas (ZEBRA) application form AA (PDF, 1.4MB).


Last Updated: 4 October 2021