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There are several changes to bus services.  See below for details.

Services 9, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, 30, 31, 37, 80, and 30 no longer operate. Where there is no alternative bus service they have been replaced by a new Demand Responsive Transport service.

Changes have been made to the following services.

Service 11/12:  Operates as service 11 only, using the following route - Central Rail Station, Central Milton Keynes, Oakgrove (Brickhill St), Kingston, Open University, Caldecotte.  Will serve Kents Hill by operating via H8 Standing Way, V11 Tongwell St and H9 Groveway. Revised route in Caldecotte via Heybridge Crescent. Evening journeys withdrawn. See timetable below.

11 Central Milton Keynes - Oakgrove - Kingston - Open University - Caldecotte (April 2021) (PDF, 132KB)

Service 21: Service has been revised to operate between Milton Keynes Rail Station and Olney (Aspreys).  Monday to Friday peak journeys operate to and from Lavendon.  Off peak journeys dol not serve Emberton or Lavendon.  The Saturday service operates every 90 minutes. S21 school journeys continue to operate until further notice. See timetable below.

21 Lavendon - Olney - Sherington - Newport Pagnell - Gt Linford - CMK (April 2021) (PDF, 141KB)

Service 33/33A:  Service to be operated by Arriva. Service revised to operate every 90 minutes. Off peak journeys operate via Gloucester Road replacing service 23. See timetable below.

33 Central Milton Keynes - Bradwell - Wolverton - Haversham - Hanslope - Norhampton (April 2021) (PDF, 140KB)

33A Central Milton Keynes - Bradwell - Wolverton - Haversham - Hanslope - Norhampton (April 2021) (PDF, 139KB)

Service 1:  Revised to operate Whitehouse, Central Rail Station, Willen, Green Park, Newport Pagnell, Renny Lodge. Operates every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday daytime. Withdrawn between Central Rail Station and Newton Leys.  No evening or Sunday service (see services 2 and F70/F77 for details of partial replacements). Revised timetable below.

1 Newport Pagnell - Willen - Central Milton Keynes - Whitehouse (02.04.21) (PDF, 154KB)

Service 2: Revised to operate beyond Market Hill to Renny Lodge (Tickford End). Operates every 30 minutes, Monday to Saturday daytime. Operates evenings hourly (until around 9.30pm).  Sunday service operates via Grange Farm, Central Rail Station, CMK, Willen, Poets Estate, Green Park, Newport Pagnell, Renny Lodge. Timetable below.

2 Newport Pagnell - Poets Estate - Downs Barn - Central Milton Keynes - Grange Farm (02.04.21) (PDF, 151KB)

Service 3:  New service replacing service 300 and operates Magna Park, Kingston, Brooklands, Coachway, CMK, Central Rail Station, Westcroft, Snelshall West. Operates every 20 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly Monday to Saturday evenings (Magna Park to Westcroft). Operates every 30 minutes Sunday daytime and hourly Sunday evenings (Magna Park to Westcroft). See timetable below.

3 Snelshall - Westcroft - CMK - Willen - Coachway - Brooklands - Kingston - Magna Park (PDF, 159KB)

Service 4/14: Revised to operate as service 4 throughout and rerouted via Shenley Church End between CMK and Wolverton and Hodge Lea (served from V5 Gt Monks St).  Operates Monday to Saturday daytime, every 15 minutes Bletchley to CMK, and every 30 minutes CMK to Wolverton.  Operates Monday to Saturday, and Sunday evenings every 30 minutes Bletchley to CMK to mid evening, then hourly; and hourly CMK to Wolverton. See timetable below.

4 Wolverton - Two Mile Ash - Shenley Church End - CMK - Springfield - Hospital - Bletchley (02.04.21) (PDF, 197KB)

Service 5:  Extended to serve Newton Leys (Jersey Drive). Rerouted via Manor Road, Queensway, Princes Way, instead of via Water Eaton Road (see service F70/F77 for replacement). Operates every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly Monday to Saturday evenings, every 30 minutes Sunday daytime, and hourly Sunday evenings. See timetable below.

5 Wolverton - Bradville - CMK - Hospital - Mount Farm - Bletchley - Newton Leys (02.04.21) (PDF, 180KB)

Service 6: Rerouted via Manor Road, Queensway and Princes Way instead of Water Eaton Road (see service F70/F77 for replacement). Operates every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly Monday to Saturday evenings, every 30 minutes Sunday daytime, and hourly Sunday evenings. Timetable below.

6 Wolverton - Stony Stratford - CMK - Hospital - Stadium - Bletchley (02.04.21) (PDF, 196KB)

Service 7: Withdrawn between Central Rail Station and Bletchley via Furzton (see service 4 for details of partial replacement). Operates every 15 minutes Monday to Friday daytime, every 30 mintues Saturday daytime, every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday evenings (until around 9.00pm), every 30 minutes Sunday daytime and hourly Sunday evenings (until around 9.00pm). Timetable below.

7 Wolverton - Stantonbury - Neath Hill - Central Milton Keynes (02.04.21) (PDF, 147KB)

Service 8: Service revised to operate Walnut Tree to Westcroft. Journeys will be rerouted via H6 Childs Way to serve Oxley Park, Kingsmead and Tattenhoe Park. Operates every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly Monday to Saturday evenings and Sundays. Timetable below.

8 Westcroft - Shenley Lodge - CMK - Kingston - Walnut Tree (02.04.21) (PDF, 179KB)

Service F70/F77:  F70 rerouted to serve Newton Leys (St Helena Ave) replacing service 1. Both F70/F77 rerouted in Bletchley to serve Water Eaton Road.  F77 extended beyond Stadium MK to CMK and both F70/F77 will operate via Leadenhall and Central Rail Station. Combined, F70/F77 operates every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime, hourly evenings (until around 9.00pm).  Sunday daytime service operating every 2 hours. See timetable below.

F70 Leighton Buzzard - Newton Leys - Bletchley - Stadium - Open University - CMK (April 2021) (PDF, 142KB)

F77 Leighton Buzzard - Bletchley - Stadium - CMK (April 2021) (PDF, 137KB)

Service X60: Frequency revised from every 30 minutes to hourly. Route revised to serve Stony Stratford and V4 Watling Street. See timetable below.

X60 Aylesbury - Stony Stratford - Crownhill - Central Milton Keynes (April 2021) (PDF, 158KB)


Buses on demand, just one cick or call away from April 2021

From 31 March 2021, many of the supported bus services in Milton Keynes come to an end.

In its place a new service knows as Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) will be available to bus users that don't have access to the weekday daytime routes.

DRT is not restricted to previous timetables or routes, and picks up passengers from their chosen destination to their required drop off point when they want to travel.

MK Connect works like a minibus that comes when you want, where you want — book a ride straight from your phone, get picked up in minutes, and be dropped within a short walk of your destination.

Passengers with a wheelchair or disability will always be matched with a fully accessible vehicle and the service is accessible to passengers with vision, hearing and other requirements.

the service will be available on evenings across MK, operating from:

6:00am to 11:00pm Monday to Saturday

9:00am to 6:00pm on Sunday

DRT will be available by smartphone app, web or phone booking.  Just call for a vehicle a few minutes before you want to travel.

Concesionary passes under the ENCTS scheme will still be valid for free travel as it is on buses, as will the All-in-One £1 fare

The new ‘MK Connect’ service will be provided by Via.

Further information on the new service will be available soon, including information at bus stops and detailed usage guides on line.

Price: £3.50 during peak hours (7am-9am, 4.30pm-6.30pm), £2.50 at all other times.

Detailed information on the service and how to use it will be available early March.


Britannia Bus Website

Grant Palmer Website

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Stagecoach Website

Service 83 suspended from 24 January

X5 Bicester – Milton Keynes – Bedford.  See Stagecoach website for timetable

Star Travel

Uno Bus Website

Vale Travel Website

Z&S Transport

50 Aylesbury - Leighton Buzzard - Bletchley - Stadium - CMK (11.04.21) (PDF, 147KB)


MK Move has gone paperless

The paper based MK Move ticket ceased on 7 November, and will not be sold or accepted on bus.

MK Move information in Polish (PDF, 132KB)

MK Move information in Tamil (PDF, 116KB)

MK Move information in Urdu (PDF, 136KB)


You can plan your journey by calling Traveline public transport information on 0871 2002233 (calls cost 12p per minute plus your network provider's charges) or by visiting the Traveline website.


The following map shows bus routes within the urban area of Milton Keynes.

Urban Bus Route Map - April 2021 (PDF, 3.3MB)


For information on all stops used on a bus route, search for the timetable on Traveline


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You can plan your journey by calling Traveline public transport information on 0871 2002233 (calls cost 12p per minute plus your network provider's charges) or by visiting the Traveline website


Last Updated: 12 April 2021