Christmas and New Year Bus and Marston Vale Train Services

Expected bus service operating days and times during the Christmas and New Year period

Details for Arriva's timetables during this holiday period can be found on the Arriva Bus website.

Saturday 23 December

Normal Saturday service

Sunday 24 December

Sunday service, finishing approximately 20:00

Monday 25 December

No service

Tuesday 26 December

No service, except for a limited service on routes 4, 5, 6 and 310

Wednesday 27 December

Saturday service

Thursday 28 December

Saturday service

Thursday 29 December

Saturday service

Friday 29 December

Saturday service

Saturday 30 December

Saturday service

Sunday 31 December

Sunday services, finishing appoximately 21:00

Monday 1 January

Sunday service

Tuesday 2 January

Normal service

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Last Updated: 16 October 2018