Coronavirus – bus information for key workers

Keeping vital bus services running during the coronavirus outbreak

We’ve been working with Arriva and other operators to keep the bus services running that key workers tell us are vital, despite a significant drop in passengers. We’re also making sure that people can travel safely on MK buses, following social distancing rules.

We invest over £6m every year in bus services that wouldn’t be commercially viable, and on concessionary travel for older people, disabled users and children.

What this means…

Some examples of where we have worked with Arriva to maintain services:

  • early morning journeys on routes 5 and 6 linking from the Lakes Estate, Bletchley, CMK, Fullers Slade and Wolverton to MK Hospital will be maintained
  • extra buses will be provided for key workers at Magna Park (route 310) at busy times
  • an evening service will continue on route 7

Bus operators are waiving the £1 fare that concessionary pass holders normally have to pay before 9.30am so they can take advantage of free travel for early morning supermarket shopping.

When travelling by bus, please follow all government guidance. Only leave home for essential food shopping, health reasons and to work if you cannot do so at home.

Last Updated: 8 April 2020