Get on Board & Zwitch Your Trips

Our new winter "get on board - *zwitch" campaign is promoting bus use in MK and rewards people for taking the bus instead of the car - clean, green and easy

Join our new "get on board MK - *zwitch" scheme and we'll give you a free Arriva Adult Weekly bus taster ticket for MK to get you started. Continue to use buses throughout December and January and you could also win great prizes when you log your bus trips on your smart phone.

Snap & Share to win an iPhone 8!
Take a photo on the bus and share it with us on social media using @GetSmarterMK, log five more bus trips on the app before 31 January 2018 and you could win a brand new iPhone 8.

How it works - earn points and get rewards 

Every time you log a bus trip on the *zwitch app between November and January you’ll earn points which you can redeem towards a variety of products, activities and days out (subject to availability). For just 40 points, you can claim restaurant vouchers for you and one other person so why not treat yourself to a post-Christmas dinner for two.

Simply email stating which reward you want and we'll redeem your points and send you the vouchers. More bus trips logged = more points and bigger rewards!

Fun things Points Gym passes* Points
Snozone vouchers 50 Walking Football 20
Xscape vouchers 50 Walking Netball 20
iFLY taster sessions 70 Badminton Improvers 20
Big Rock Climbing 60 Swimming 20
Treetop Extreme 50 MK Dons (10th Feb) 30
Pair of cinema tickets 30 Amazon Fire Stick 80

*Gym passes are for Hertsmere Leisure

Register now and start earning points

You'll need a smart phone to participate; taking part and earning rewards is easy, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete our quick and easy online survey
  2. Download the free *zwitch now app from iTunes App store or Google Play
  3. Register with the app using an email address and update your location settings so the app can track your trips
  4. Select the get on board MK scheme in the app
  5. Every time you take the bus, simply open the *zwitch now app and 'start tracking' and at the end 'finish tracking'. You'll earn 10 points for each bus trip you log. (A 'trip' is a complete journey from one destination to another and includes any bus changes you need to make. A maximum of 5 trips per day will count towards your points total.)
  6. We'll award weekly spot prizes for people who have used the bus and as you build up your points tally you can redeem points for bigger and better rewards.
Every participant can claim a free Arriva Adult Weekly taster ticket. Simply email  to confirm you have completed the survey and downloaded the *zwitch now app and we'll email you with an e-voucher code to use with the Arriva m-ticket app

Catching the bus and buying tickets

General information for bus operators in MK including timetables, bus routes, bus stop locations and real-time passenger information are available on a number of websites, more information is available in the External Links section. Smart phone apps such as the Arriva UK Bus app allow you to track the location of your bus and save you time.

There are a range of daily, weekly, annual and discounted tickets available which can be bought in a variety of ways:

  • Cash - on the bus
  • Online - on bus operator or third party websites
  • At Mkube - ticket office located on Midsummber Boulevard
  • All in 1 MK Card - travel concessions for young peopled aged 5-19
  • Mobile devices - most bus operators have apps which allow you to purchase tickets on the go using a smart phone or tablet. The Arriva m-ticket app is available to download for free on the iTunes App store and on Google Play

Benefits of electric bus travel - more reasons to *zwitch your trip

  • Go green! Route 7 is MK’s first totally electric, low emission bus route which means by leaving your car at home and taking the bus you’re helping to reduce air pollution.
  • Going places – the number 7 can take you to major MK destinations - catch a train, go shopping, get to work or school, go to the gym or a night out in CMK.
  • Convenient - with up to 3 buses an hour and real time tracking on the Arriva Bus app, buses are frequent and you can arrive at the bus stop just before the bus does.

What is the “get on board MK – *zwitch” campaign?

We want to encourage people to use sustainable transport more, so each time you catch the bus and log your trip via the new *zwitch now app we’ll reward you with points: 1 trip = 10 points.

The more you travel by bus, the more points you earn and the more chance you have of winning great prizes. (All marketing materials, incentives and prizes have been funded entirely by EMPOWER or donated by local providers.) There’ll be daily and weekly prize draws.

Who is behind the "get on board - *zwitch" campaign?

Milton Keynes Council is funded and working in partnership with the Empower project to positively incentivise the use of sustainable travel. Empower is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no636249.

Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions to join the scheme, competition rules, privacy statement, data sharing and data storage information are provided in the following document.

get on board MK Terms and Conditions (PDF, 49KB)

Basic criteria to join the scheme are: owning a smart phone, completing the online survey, downloading the *zwitch app, manually logging your bus trips via the app, agreeing that the data you provide via the survey and through the app will be shared with trusted Empower project partners.


Last Updated: 13 December 2018