Projects and Pilots

Passenger Transport Information

Seven e-ink displays are being piloted, going up to 17 over the summer. These displays offer a more environmentally friendly option, quicker updating and additional accessibility benefits such as buttons that can be set up for audio, additional information, large print, etc. The displays can also be used for disruption of information and updated almost instantly as new information comes in.

The solar powered batteries have a longer life but do contain unrecyclable components, while the battery only displays have a 3 year life and are completely recyclable. As neither uses mains power they are a low carbon option.

Green Roofs

Thirty new green roofs have been fitted to shelters around MK by two different companies. These support biodiversity in the area and the planting reduces carbon emissions from the air as well as cleaning other particulates from rain water. We are looking at this approach as an option for new shelters where appropriate. We have also been rolling out solar panels on a number of shelters over the last couple of years. 

MK Move

We introduced a commercial smart ticking scheme for MK, funded by SEMLEP, in October 2020. There are now 11 larger card vending machines, and 90 top up posts. The MK Move card offers multi operator bus travel period passes as well as Pay As You Go Purse for operator's own tickets and the MK Connect service. You can register or find out more on the Get Around MK website.

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Last Updated: 22 June 2021