Public Transport Information

Milton Keynes Passenger Transport Team is committed to providing quality transport information.

Online information can be found at Get Around MK or Traveline which provides national timetable information.

Stops and Shelters

At stops and shelters we provide combined timetable information from all operators and mapping where space is available.

We also provide around 100 large 3-line real-time signs at stops.  There are extra large real-time information signs at key interchanges and information points;

  1. CMK Rail Station Stops Y1 and Z1
  2. The Centre MK shopping centre near M&S
  3. The Centre MK shopping centre near Primark
  4. Midsummer Boulevard near Arriva Pod
  5. Midsummer Place Information Desk
  6. Bletchley Bus station
  7. Coachway

There are two papercast solar-powered displays at stops E3 and C4 in the Theatre District and 5 New eden battery-powered displays installed at;

  1. Market Square, Hanslope
  2. Kingston District Centre
  3. Opposite The Bull, Olney
  4. Wolverton Tesco 
  5. Theatre District C3

Ten further displays will be going in this summer.

Apps you may find useful

While Milton Keynes Council are developing a combined transport app, you can currently get real-time information directly via the MyBus app.

You can also check the balance on your MK Move card and collect top ups using the Swift Collector app for Android or the Swift Collector app for the iPhone.

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Last Updated: 22 June 2021