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Bikeability training is a great way to boost your confidence on a bike, have fun, learn about road safety and improve your ability to perceive and respond to modern day traffic situations.

With an increase in child and adult obesity in recent years, cycling is a great form of exercise that can be squeezed into everyday life by riding to school or work or the local shops. For many young people, it can be their first step towards independent travel.

By providing the skills you need to enjoy cycling and ride more safely it opens up a world of opportunities to get out and ride with friends and family. Your can also explore the local area on the huge network of leisure routes and Redways in Milton Keynes.

"One of the most important days of my life, was when I learned to ride a bicycle." Michael Palin


There are three levels and a series of progressive outcomes within each level which can be used in training to take the complete beginner all the way to being able to ride on any road where cycling is permitted.

Level 1 involves mastery and control of the bicycle in off-road settings and prepares the trainees for on-road cycling

Level 2 involves cycling on quieter roads and simple junctions and covers effective road positioning, communication with other road users and rights of way

Level 3 involves cycling on busier roads and more complex junctions, including hazard awareness and risk management on all roads where cycling is permitted.


Milton Keynes Council currently offers free Bikeability training Levels 1-3 for children in years 5, 6 and 7 at a large number of schools. To find out if your child's school is currently signed up to receive this training please contact the school directly. 


Bikeability courses and Bikeability Plus training opportunities are available throughout 2017 for adults. See below for details of the relevant courses. If you would like to join a course, or register your interest, please email the MKC Cycling Team using the contact details below.

Bikeability Plus is a new initiative comprising of various modules for all ages that makes cycle training more inclusive and ensures that children and their families are given the opportunities, skills, support and guidance that they need to make cycling part of their everyday life.

Bikeability Plus Courses 

We are providing the following Bikeability Plus modules:

Bikeability Balance

Fun playground group sessions on balance bikes using games to develop bike handling skills, awareness and confidence.  Sessions are aimed at children in Reception and Year 1, although anyone of any age could participate. Some may progress on to pedal cycling at the end of the course. 

Enquire through the school
Course length: 4 x 45 min sessions

Bikeability Fix

These sessions teach Bikeability trainees how to perform basic maintenance on their bikes – aimed at all ages.

Enquire through the school OR express interest via email to the MKC Cycling Team
Course Length: 2 hours

Bikeability Learn to Ride

Sessions are for those who are unable to cycle – in particular children who for whatever reason are struggling to master the skill, or for adults who have never learnt to cycle.

Contact the course instructor, Andrew Hetherington directly via email
Course length: 1 hour Introductory Lesson (Subsidised by MKC - small booking fee required, payable to Instructor.)

Bikeability Parents

This is Bikeability core training (Levels 1 – 3) for Parents and Teachers teaching the basic principles and skills taught during Bikeability which apply to all ages.

Enquire through the school OR express interest via email to the MKC Cycling Team
Course length: 2 – 8 hours depending on number of trainees

Bikeability Promotion

Fun events that enable the local community to ‘have a go’ at cycling in a relaxed family atmosphere. It’s all about trying rather than teaching.

Events will be listed on our Cycling Event Calendar along with many other cycling events taking place in MK.

Bikeability Ride

Led rides along low traffic / traffic free routes - designed to boost confidence and allow trainees to practice the skills learned during core Bikeability training. For all ages – participants can be new or returning to cycling. Rides will be relatively short, fun, leisurely, pleasant and practical.

Enquire through the school OR express interest via email to the MKC Cycling Team. Guided ride information is also available on the join a cycle ride page.
Duration: 1 – 1.5 hour ride

Bikeability Transition

Training is aimed at students moving from Primary School to Secondary School. Sessions include route planning skills and the opportunity to ride to their new school. The module will be delivered shortly before students are about to make the transition from Primary to Secondary School.

Enquire through school
Course length: 2 – 3 hours

Register for a course or find out more

A majority of courses for children are being offered through their schools and can be booked directly with the school. Modules which are generally available or open to adults are detailed above.

To register your interest, book onto a course or find our more, contact the MKC Cycling Team by emailing or call 01908 254728

Please include: Full name; Contact details – telephone number and email address; Full name of child or trainee; If under 18, age of child; General ability i.e. not able to cycle; able to balance and scoot; confidence building required; courses interested in.

Cycling safely and finding training providers

For general advice on how to cycle more safely, the Sustrans website contains some useful road safety tips for cyclists: cycling road safety - SUSTRANS

The Government’s Think! website contains safety tips for cyclists and drivers as well as Highway Code rules: Think! cycling -

If you would like to book your own cycle training, you can search for a local provider using the Bikeability website: - find a course a provider


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TABS is a trade association which works with the Department for Transport to ensure the highest quality of delivery of Bikeability cycle training. TABS aims to work in the interest of Bikeability schemes, and represents the view of the professional cycle training industry in discussions and decision-making activities with Government agencies and other public bodies. TABS’s ultimate aim is more people taking trips by bike more often and more safely. Milton Keynes Council is a member of TABS

Last Updated: 4 April 2020