British Cycling Sky Rides

Fun guided bike rides near you.

If you’re keen to get out on your bike a bit more but don’t know where to start, free bike rides in your area could be the answer.


Breeze is a national cycling network just for women with rides lead by women. Trained Breeze Champions are putting on rides across Milton Keynes suitable for all levels.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular as a recreational activity however the proportion of women involved in cycling is declining. For this reason Breeze was set up to encourage more women into riding bikes for fun.

The aim is to make thousands of women across the UK feel confident and comfortable about getting on a bike and going for a ride through organised cycling groups led by women just for women.

British Cycling is training 1,000 women to become local Breeze Champions and will hold a number of cycle rides across the UK. 70 rides per year will be held in Milton Keynes.

For details visit the Sky Ride Breeze website

Ride Social

Ride Social is a great way to find rides near you. Find a ride, find people to cycle with, find groups to join and discover great cycling routes in your area.

To find a ride near you and to register please visit the Sky Ride website


Last Updated: 30 November 2017