Bridges and other structures

The Bridge and Structures team at our Synergy Park depot in Bleak Hall are responsible for inspecting and maintaining over 1133 bridges and other structures including culverts, underpasses, retaining walls and porte cocheres.



Bridge works planned for 2019/20


Works re-phased into 2019/20


Works recently completed


Works in more detail


Bridge Investigation & Principal Inspection of Highway Structures  

Milton Keynes Council in collaboration with Highways Contractor, Ringway will be carrying out principal bridge inspections and specialist structural investigation of 10 structures.

Bridge Investigation and Principal Inspection - Information Sheet (PDF, 76KB)

Location map for Structural Investigation (SI) and Principal Inspections (PI) of bridge structures (PDF, 802KB)

Programme of Traffic Management for Principal Inspections (PDF, 25KB)

Central Milton Keynes - porte cocheres refurbishment programme 

Porte Cocheres are an iconic steel structure unique to Milton Keynes, some of which have been listed by Historic England as Grade II listed structures.  Porte Cocheres in Milton Keynes are almost 40 years old and some are in need of repair.  The bridges team are responsible for the Porte Cocheres and currently have a programme of works to refurbish them.

The work will include replacement of the roofing system with a new more durable system, drainage upgrades and repainting.

Some footway closures and pedestrian diversion routes will be in place during the works.  For information on the locations of Porte Cocheres and a programme for the roof upgrades see the Location Plan & Programme (PDF, 1.4MB).

 Capian Walk, Redway Footbridge deck refurbishment 2018

Capian Walk Footbridge (Redway) 6 Week Closure.

Essential upgrading works are required for the footbridge between Two Mile Ash and Great Holm which spans the H4 Dansteed way.  The works include; resurfacing, rendering of spalled brickwork, soakaway drainage renewal, bridge expansion joints will be replaced and repairs carried out to the Southernmost pier.  More information is available in the 

Capian Walk footbridge newsletter (PDF, 582KB)


Haversham Bridge

Haversham Road and footpaths over the River Great Ouse between Old Wolverton and New Bradwell

Essential maintenance/ upgrading works are required at Haversham bridge, for 4 weeks starting 10th September 2018.

Haversham Bridge deck refurbishment (PDF, 267KB)


Lissel Road Bridge, Simpson

Strengthening and refurbishment works 2019

The Lissel Road bridge has been subjected to principal inspection, structural investigation, concrete testing and load assessment. The structure has been found to have weak footways with substandard parapets and  needs reconstruction of the deck edges, waterproofing of the whole deck slab together with concrete repairs.

The proposed works will take place from 11 March 2019 and access to all properties will be maintained during the works.

Due to difficulty in breaking up of the edge parapet beam close to a gas main on the west side of the bridge deck, a design modification is needed on the east side together with additional work associated to the foul sewer going through the bridge. This has resulted in the site programme being delayed. The new expected completion date is Friday, 21 June 2019.

Lissel Road Bridge Information sheet (PDF, 567KB)


H6 River Ouzel Bridge (westbound), Willen Lake

A fresh water pipe burst close to the bridge has been responsible for an emergency single lane closure along the H6.

More information can be found in the River Ouzel Bridge (Willen) Information Sheet (PDF, 364KB)


Wolverton Mill Bridge

The team have been commissioned to deliver this project on behalf of Public Rights of Way and are responsible for technical advice and management of the project.

The scheme is to replace the abutments and softwood deck to the above bridge over the River Great Ouse just to the North of Wolverton Mill.  The opportunity is also being taken to improve the vertical alignment removing the requirement for steps and improving access for all.

More information can be found in the Wolverton Mill Bridge Information Sheet (PDF, 229KB).


A422 Bradwell Brook

Regular users of the A422 may be aware of a structure next to the famous concrete cows that has had the northern edge protected by temporary concrete barriers for several years pending a permanent solution. This autumn the structure will be strengthened and safety fence installed between the carriageway and footway.

More information can be found in the A422 Bradwell Brook Information Sheet (PDF, 383KB).


Wepener Bridge concrete repairs

The Wepener bridge information sheet (PDF, 431KB) provides the latest update. The works are due to start Tuesday 12 February 2019.


Knebworth Gate Redway Footbridge Upgrading Brickhill Street

An inspection by the Councils Highways Structures Engineers highlighted the need for various works to be carried out. The bridge deck resurfacing will require that the bridge is closed for 4 days which will be done in March. We will also have to install traffic lights on the V10 close to the bridge to enable safe passage. More information can be found in the Knebworth Gate overbridge newsletter (PDF, 538KB)


Willen Roundabout junction of the V10 and H4.

There are 4 subways beneath the roadway and 2 redways meet at this point.  The inner circle was planted with Leylandii in the 1970s and these have all grown too large and dangerous so have now been removed because tree roots have been creating settlement in the roadway. More information can be found in the Willen Roundabout H4-V10 Newsletter (PDF, 414KB)


Speedwell Place footbridge

Speedwell Place Footbridge is a Redway footbridge spanning the A509 H5 Portway linking Conniburrow to Central Milton Keynes. The bridge is having a structural assessment as part of an ongoing programme of works.

 Speedwell Newsletter (PDF, 471KB)


V10 River Ousel Bridge, Joint Replacement

Joint replacement and re-surfacing is required to this bridge. To facilitate this process a full closure will be in place from the evening of Friday 26th July 2019 at 7pm until Monday 29th July at 7.00am.

V10 Ousel Bridge Information Sheet (PDF, 300KB)


Emergency Works - footbridge near Iron bridge Aquaduct and Wolverton

We inspected the bridge on the footpath between the Iron Trunk Aqueduct and Wolverton and discovered that it had unexpectedly partially collapsed. For safety we have removed the collapsed bridge and will make arrange for a replacement.   

A replacement was scheduled already for autumn 2019 but as there have been prolonged periods of wet weather we have not been able to access the area to carry out the work. To access the work site we need to go across a section of land which includes an ancient monument.  
As soon as the weather conditions improve we will begin replacement process. Until then a short diversion is in place.

The replacement bridge work will be carried out by our highway service provider Ringway.


New Bradwell Canal No. 83411 Shot Blasting & Painting of Parapets

Works will be carried out from Monday 16th September for 5 weeks to upgrade the structure to ensure the bridge’s future integrity.

New Bradwell Canal No. 83411 (PDF, 926KB)


New Bradwell Railway Footbridge No. 83415 Shot Blasting & Painting of Parapets

Works will be carried out from Monday 19 August for 4 weeks to upgrade the structure to ensure the bridge’s future integrity.

New Bradwell Railway Footbridge No. 83415 (PDF, 855KB)


Works re-phased and planned to be delivered in the 2019/20 financial year


Swans River Bridge

Swans River Bridge (MKC No. 92461) is located at A422, Newport Road, (MK16 9JW), over Chicheley Brook between Chicheley and Astwood. 

We will be carrying out significant Highway improvement works along the A422 between Chicheley roundabout and its junction with the A428 at Bromham between 5 August and 18 August. The road should reopen 19 August. The full road closure will be in place 24 hours a day as detailed in the Swans River Bridge Letter to Residents (PDF, 206KB)

More detail is available in the Site 20 Swans River Map (PDF, 4MB)

The following activities will be undertaken to upgrade the structure to ensure the bridge’s future integrity.

  • Surface material removal over the bridge deck (Planing)
  • Remedial works to the bridge deck under the carriageway
  • Installation of a new waterproofing system over the bridge deck
  • Resurfacing of the carriageway

To find out more read our project fact sheet (3) (PDF, 420KB)


Works recently completed

Cold Harbour Farm Bridge

Milton Keynes Council in collaboration with Highways Contractor, Ringway will be carrying out major bridge refurbishment work on Cold Harbour Farm Bridge.  The structure is located at Watling Street V4 (C129), over a stream adjacent to the National Bowl.  The Cold Harbour Farm Bridge Information Sheet (PDF, 663KB) gives the latest update on these works.

Watling street was reopened on Friday 22 September 2017


New Bradwell Bridge

Ringway, the Highways Contractor working on behalf of Milton Keynes Council, will be carrying out major bridge refurbishment work on New Bradwell Bridge.  The structure is located at Newport Road (C140), over a tributary to the Great Ouse River.

New Bradwell Bridge Refurbishment, Update 1 (PDF, 389KB)

New Bradwell Bridge Refurbishment, Update 2 (PDF, 67KB)


Newton Blossomville Causeway - upgrade and bridge replacements

The Bridges and Highway Structures Team have been commissioned to deliver this project on behalf of Public Rights of Way. The Newton Blossomville Information Sheet (PDF, 225KB) gives full details.


North Bridge, Newport Pagnell  - stone work refurbishment

Stonework refurbishment of North Bridge will commence on 9 January 2017 and will take up to 16 weeks to complete.  In order to carry out the work safely it will be necessary to run two way lights for most of the 16 weeks.  We apologies for any inconvenience to road users but appropriate signage will be in place to notify vehicular traffic of the situation. We will maintain access for emergency vehicles at all times.  A footway will be kept open but access may be restricted on safety grounds whilst work is being carried out.

The North Bridge information map (JPG, 290KB) will give you the exact location of the bridge


Railway walk canal footbridge

Ringway, the Highways Contractor working on behalf of Milton Keynes Council, will be carrying out major bridge refurbishment work on Railway Walk Canal Footbridge.  The structure is located to the north-west of Great Linford.

The work is expected to start in January 2018, in three phases, and it is anticipated that the work will take 25 weeks to complete.  Please use the diversion routes.

Detailed preparations have been underway to minimise the impact of the redway closure.  Alternative access for pedestrians, cyclists and the tow path users will be provided during the works.  There will be no impact to the canal users.

The Railway Walk Canal Footbridge Update No 2 (PDF, 495KB) provides the latest information on these works.

Diversion routes

Railway Walk Canal Footbridge diversion route 1 (PDF, 227KB)  

Railway Walk Canal Footbridge diversion route 2 (PDF, 280KB)

Railway Walk Canal Footbridge diversion route 3 (PDF, 167KB)


Tickford Bridge

The brass framed lamps on this historic bridge are in need of refurbishment.  The Tickford Bridge Information Sheet (PDF, 261KB) gives the latest details.  NB: Update on 9 August 2017 -  Due to unforeseen circumstances there has been a delay in the delivery of the brass framed lamps.  Once the lamps have been strengthened, refurbished  and delivered by the supplier, our highways contractor Ringway will install.  We will keep you updated as to timescales when we have further information.


Water Eaton Bridge

Ringway, the Highways Contractor working on behalf of Milton Keynes Council, will be carrying out major bridge refurbishment work on Water Eaton Bridge.  The structure is located at Manor Road (C162) over a tributary of the River Ouzel known as Water Eaton Brook. The Water Eaton Bridge Information Sheet (PDF, 450KB) gives the latest update on these works.

The planned bridge refurbishment works will commence from Monday, 24 July 2017 and expected to last 6 to 8 weeks subject to weather conditions.

Manor Road was reopened on 20 September 2017 after adverse weather conditions caused a slight delay.

To enable the works to be carried out safely, Manor Road will be closed for the duration of the site works.  Please follow the Water Eaton Bridge Diversion Route (PDF, 98KB).  Access to residential properties will be maintained at all times.

The northern footpath will then remain closed for a further 2-3 weeks to allow reconstruction of the parapet wall.

Should you have any further queries or comments, please contact the Bridges team on 01908 252583 

Last Updated: 9 July 2020