All potholes that are reported to us will be logged for inspection. If they meet our criteria then we will schedule a repair. Sometimes if there are several potholes in one location we may resurface the road section instead.

Read now: Frequently Asked Questions: Potholes (PDF, 54KB)

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Pothole Depth

Action to be taken

More than 4cm A risk assessment is made. We will then prioritise the repair based on this e.g. within 2 or 24 hours.
Less than 4cm A  risk assessment is made to determine is the defect is a hazard and if a repair needs to be scheduled in.

When reporting a pothole to us, remember to include as much about the location of the pothole as possible e.g. near lamp column 78. All potholes reported to us will be inspected.

Report a pothole using our online form


Potholes on a footpath or Redway

We also have criteria for fixing potholes on a footpath or Redway. You can also report this type of defect by clicking on the green Report It button above.

Pothole Depth

Action to be taken

4cm + Risk assessment to see what repairs are needed. We may do a temporary repair within 2 or 24hrs with a permanent repair within 28 days
2.5cm - 4cm Permanent fix within 28 days*
Less than 2.5cm A risk assessment to see what repairs are needed.

*for certain footways we will take action to make safe within 2 or 24 hours 

Last Updated: 17 August 2020