Street Lighting

Milton Keynes Council is carrying out a major work programme to improve street lighting across the borough. This vital work will make sure that lights in both urban and rural areas meet the latest standards, including being more energy efficient.

Service statement: street lighting

Street light
Street light in Central Milton Keynes
  • We will carry out night time scouting of all streetlights on grid roads, redways and underpasses each month to ensure that we identify and repair any lights that are not working.We will respond to reports of street lighting faults in all other areas. Report a faulty street light

  • We will provide a 24 hr service and attend to emergencies within 2 to 24 hrs. 

  • We will aim to repair a ‘light out’ within 7 days of reporting (28 days for a single light out on a grid road).

  • Lights on during the day – these are not a safety issue – we will prioritise these reports as a ‘Planned Job’, we will collate these reports and when we have a programme we will carry out repairs, typically every 2-3 months. Day-burning lamps make up 5% of faults repaired. 

  • We will carry out structural and electrical testing of street lights annually.


Street Lighting Improvements

Rising energy costs, carbon tax and budget restraints make it necessary to change the way we light our streets. To save money and reduce our carbon footprint, the Council aims to reduce energy usage through changing the way we light your streets here in Milton Keynes. 

We will either replace the old street lights and lanterns completely or upgrade the lantern. We will be using modern lighting that shines white light directly onto the roads and pavements.

Many of our 58,000 street lights are getting old and in need of replacement, some are more than 40 years old and just don’t meet modern standards. The new white lights are more effective at directing light onto the roads and pavements, helping to reduce traffic accidents, crime (as well as the fear of crime) and make the streets safer.

Our frequently asked questions page  and LED conversion information leaflet (PDF, 262KB) will give you more information on why we are undertaking the works.

Customer Statement

Issues with new LED street lights.          

Any estates where street lights have been converted to low energy LED that are causing concern for the resident  will be re-checked to ensure that the light output design is correct, at the same time the installations will also be checked to ensure the correct lantern and brackets angles have been applied and that the programmed light levels from the factory are also correct.

Once this is done we will look to implement one of four options dependant on what correction (if any) is required.        


Street lighting trials in Central Milton Keynes

These trials will take place in Central Milton Keynes across the pedestrian walking zones and car parks. MK Council are working closely with the businesses in the city centre to decide on suitable locations, the Street Lighting Presentation (PDF, 922KB) gives more information on the trials. If you are a business in Central Milton Keynes and would like to suggest a location please e-mail  Milton Keynes City Centre Management. MK City Centre Management are co-ordinating the location suggestions on our behalf.


Street light column relocation

Where a street lighting column prevents entry to a private access, a resident or business can apply to the council to relocate the column, at the applicants’ expense. All applications for relocation of a street light incur a non-refundable application fee of £180, payable on submission of the application. Follow this link to Street Lighting - Requesting A Column Relocation



Last Updated: 11 September 2019