Street Lighting - Requesting A Column Relocation

Where a street lighting column prevents entry to a private access, a resident or business can apply to the Council to relocate the column, at the applicants’ expense. All applications incur a non-refundable fee of £180, payable on submission of the application.

Street lighting columns are positioned in accordance with street lighting design calculations for each road; this ensures that the correct level of ambient lighting is achieved for road users and pedestrians alike and that all regulations, safety standards and best practice are met.


Requests for the relocation of a street light must be made using the Council's official application process.

There is a one off non-refundable fee payable at completion of the online application form to cover the cost of assessment of suitability by our officers including;

  • site inspections,
  • obtaining statutory undertaker apparatus information,
  • producing quotations
  • other associated administrative costs.

The relocation of street lighting columns is assessed by the Council's Street Lighting Officers on an individual basis and each case must meet the Council's design and safety criteria.


The Council will only consider applications for street lighting relocations where;

  • The lighting column prevents access/egress to a driveway or dropped kerb access or there is a significant detrimental impact on access/egress.
  • There is a suitable alternative site to relocate the column to that doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the lighting design for the immediate area.
  • The lighting column doesn’t interfere with existing utility apparatus.
  • The column is able to be relocated within 1.5m of its original site.
  • The proposed new location creates no safety hazard or increased risk.
  • The resident is prepared to cover the total cost of the relocation as detailed in the Councils quotation.
  • The column is situated on adopted highway (columns that have yet to be adopted by the Council will not be considered as these are the responsibility of the developer. Requests such as these should be directed to the developer). You can check if the Highway is Adopted by selecting 'My Maps' and ticking the box ' Highways - Adopted Highways' at My Milton Keynes Interactive Mapping (Adopted Highway is shown Blue).

Where the relocation of a street lighting column is associated with development works involving planning permission, the relocation of the street light should be included in that process and NOT separately through this process.

Approved applications

Upon submission of your application;

  • The site will be inspected and checked for conflicts with utility services and the suitability of the relocation within the existing lighting design. A decision will then be made. 
  • If the relocation of the street light is acceptable to the Council, the application shall be approved.
  • Where the requested relocation is not possible the Street Lighting Officer may suggest an acceptable alternative, which satisfies the lighting design specification.
  • A plan shall be provided to the Applicant, together with a quotation from the Councils approved contractor, which the applicant will need to accept and pay before any works can commence. As no two column relocations are the same and can involve different costs associated with the works, the quotation will be built specifically for this application to relocate the street light.
  • The quotation for works will include all costs necessary to relocate the street light, including;
    • Associated costs for technical design works where applicable.
    • Electricity board disconnection/reconnection fees.
    • The removal of the existing lighting column and the installation of a lighting column at the new location (where it is not possible to reuse the existing column a new column shall be used).
    • Relaying new cables below ground
    • Legal notices and permits where they are required.
    • Traffic management and site safety equipment hire, which can include safety barriers, signs and footway closures/diversions where required.
    • Associated civil works (I.E. excavations works including any necessary trenching).
  • Where new LED lanterns have previously been installed onto the column, the lantern will be reconnected however where older style lanterns are installed (orange glow sodium lanterns, etc.) the Council will convert these to new energy efficient LED lanterns at no extra cost to the applicant. Further information on our borough-wide LED conversion programme (PDF, 262KB)


As an indication only, the minimum cost of column relocation starts at around £1,000 but can be significantly higher depending upon the complexity and volume of the work required.

Applicants are NOT permitted to arrange for their own contractor to undertake the works. Undertaking any work on the Councils assets without expressed permission is against the law.

Applications that are not approved

  • Where the application is NOT APPROVED the application fee is not refundable.
  • There is no process for appeal.
  • Any subsequent request for relocation of the street light will need to be made as a new application.

Making an Application

Before you submit your application:

  • Read the guidance above carefully.
  • Ensure that your requirements meet the criteria listed above, before the submission of an application; otherwise it may not be approved.
  • All applications incur a non-refundable application fee of £180.

If you’ve read the guidance above and wish to apply to have a lighting column relocated you will need to complete a Street Lighting relocation application form

If you have any questions or need help with the application process, you can email

Email a question to street lighting


Last Updated: 4 April 2020