Our service statement

We aim to carry out as many repairs as possible however the highways budget has been significantly reduced over the last few years so we have to make difficult decisions about what work we can do. We use set criteria to determine which repairs and improvements need to be carried out based on safety.

Service statement on highway defects

We promise to:

  • provide a highway repair service in accordance with our Code of Practice for Highway Safety Inspections.
  • carry out regular inspections of all our roads and footways to identify any potential safety defects and to carry out repairs in line with the priority in the Code of Practice. If you want to know when your estate is inspected see our list of estates inspections by month (PDF, 192KB)
  • provide a 24 hour service and will attend to emergencies within either 2 or 24 hours depending on priority.
  • repair safety defects on the highway within 28 days of reporting by either an inspector or a member of the public as identified in the Code of Practice.
  • identify roads and footways that are showing signs of deterioration and submit them for assessment to be included in future capital schemes.


Do you need to report an issue?

If you want to report an issue on our roads click below or you can call 01908 252353.

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Last Updated: 25 June 2020