We will investigate drainage issues to determine what priority each will be assigned in accordance with the risk matrix in our Code of Practice for Highway Safety Inspections. We will set aside capital funds to resolve those drainage issues that are identified as priorities in line with the available budget for the year.
Clearing the drains in MK 

Service Statement Drainage 

  • We will provide drainage service that aims to ensure all drainage assets work to remove surface water from the highway.

  • We will provide a gully emptying service that is designed to clean gullies on the carriageway using a frequency that will ensure that gullies work efficiently.

  • We will also provide a service that can respond to blocked gullies based on priority.

  • We will inspect and clean all drainage grids twice per year, we will inspect and clear all drainage grips annually, we will inspect drainage ditches annually and clean as required

  • We will investigate reported drainage issues to determine the cause. We will then assign a priority to each issue in accordance with the drainage matrix in our code of practice for Highway Safety Issues.

  • We will set aside Capital Funds to resolve those issues that are identified as priorities in line with the available budget for the year.

  • We will provide an emergency service and will respond to drainage emergencies 24/7/365 days per year

Sewers & Drains

The network of sewers and drains which takes sewage and rain water away from your home is usually part publicly owned and part privately owned. The public sewers, normally under the road or pavement, are usually owned by Anglian Water Services plc and are maintained by them. From 1 October 2011, changes were made to the responsibility of sewer maintenance. For more information visit the Anglian Water website 

If you are connected to a private pumping station then house owners will still have the responsibility for the time being. Pumping stations are subject to a phased transfer of responsibility which will be complete by 1st October 2016.

Blocked Public Sewer

If you suspect that a public sewer is blocked, contact Anglian Water at any time on 08457 145145 NOTE  Call Charges Apply Click here to find out more. This line is open for emergency calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your call will be charged at the local rate wherever you ring from. They will identify whether the problem is in the public sewer or in your 'private' system. If the blockage is in their sewer, they will clear the pipe with no charge.

Blocked Road Drains

If a public road has become flooded by storm water or water that has drained from nearby land, use this form to report a blocked road drain. More information about drainage on our highway can be found in our drainage information leaflet (PDF, 455KB).

Private Drainage

If the blockage is in your drain or 'private' sewer you will need to contact a drain clearing specialist. Details can usually be found by searching on the internet. Alternatively you can still use the Yellow Pages and other business directories under Drain and Pipe Cleaning, or the local telephone directory - business section. If your house is rented you should contact your landlord.

Milton Keynes Council does not hold a definitive ‘Drains Map’ showing the location of any private sewers that are the responsibility of house owners. We recommend that the precise location of any private sewers/drains is verified by site inspection.

Council Legal Enforcement Action

Where a sewer overflows onto a public area, enforcement officers will visit to establish what the problem is and who is responsible. A legal Notice will be served on all those residents upstream of the blockage to remove the problem, normally within 48 hours, although longer periods may be necessary.

Where a Notice is not complied with, the Council may prosecute the owners for non-compliance or undertake the job and bill the owners plus legal and administration costs, or both.

A charge for the costs incurred will be made against all properties in receipt of a Notice. When the owed monies have been paid, the charge will be removed.




Last Updated: 3 January 2020