Highway Asset Surveys

The Council undertakes surveys of all its key assets to determine current condition to help inform future maintenance work. 
SCANNER vehicle measuring road condition

We have developed a series of comprehensive inspection and independent survey regimes for key highway assets, tailored to suit the needs of specific assets groups in line with national guidance and statutory requirements. 

Survey of bridge picture
Undertaking a Condition Survey





These provide us with good quality data and to help assess requirements and undertake effective risk management and decision making.





The following document outlines the key surveys, the frequency and the output of the Councils Highways Asset Surveys (PDF, 20KB)

The Council carries out additional surveys on these and other assets and uses the data to inform maintenance priorities.

After processing, many data sets are mapped with a condition ranking score, coloured coded red, amber and green to identify worst to best to inform engineering judgements, site selection and treatments.


Last Updated: 2 January 2018