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Factual information about the highway in the Unitary Authority of Milton Keynes
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Milton Keynes by Night

Milton Keynes New Town was created in 1967, it incorporated several established towns within a new network infrastructure designed around a grid system. This infrastructure was mostly constructed between 1970 and 1994 by the Milton Keynes Development Corporation.

In 1997 the rural area to the north of Milton Keynes was transferred from Buckinghamshire County Council to form part of the new unitary authority of Milton Keynes.

This created a very different, but clearly defined network of high speed grid roads and roundabouts within a modular urban context versus a traditional rural country type network, linking villages. Each domain is separated by the M1 motorway.

Milton Keynes Council’s highway network infrastructure is its most valuable asset, valued at £5.5 billion. It provides an essential transportation network for both businesses and individuals.

To provide effective management planning we require knowledge of our asset, its current condition and its use. This requires the collection and analysis of data.

This allows us to:

  • Assess the performance of the asset.
  • Assess the maintenance requirements of the asset and develop long term, costed, forward works programmes.
  • Value the asset and analyse depreciation over time.
  • Drive efficiencies.
  • Enable efficient inspection and repair strategies.
  • Track and respond to customer queries effectively

In Milton Keynes we group our assets as follows:

  • Highways Surfaces - Roads, footways and redways, kerbs, channels, road markings
  • Structures - Bridges/underpasses, other structures, retaining walls and Porte Cocheres
  • Street Lighting - Street Lights, Traffic lights, Illuminated Bollards, Signs
  • Drainage - Gullies, drainage pipes, manholes, culverts, ditches
  • Transport Features - Controlled crossings, traffic islands, roundabouts
  • Street Furniture - Safety barriers, bollards, posts, benches

A few of the key assets facts in Milton Keynes are 

Key Asset Length/Area/Number     Value           
Highways Land 1.7 million square metres £2.9 billion
Carriageways (Roads) 1,251 kilometres £1.6 billion
Roundabouts 930

Included in carriageway costs

Bridge Structures 763

£828 million

Footways (Paths) 1,430 kilometres

£216 million

Street lights 58,000  £71 million
Redways (Cycle paths) 346 kilometres £103 million
Road Gullies 61,500  £30 million
Road Signs 27,370  £11.4 million
Porte Cocheres 280 £16.8 million
Traffic Lights 56 £1.7 million


Last Updated: 12 February 2020