Life Cycle Plan

A life cycle plan summarises the lifespan of highway assets from concept to replacement capturing data on each maintenance stage to inform its day to day management, predict future conditions and the impact of investment decisions.

Asset Management Life Cycle Process

We have produced life cycle plan for our key assets. In producing life cycle plans we follow a stepped process shown in the figure below:

Highways Asset Management Lifecycle Process

For example the life cycle plan for street lighting identified the Council's need to convert its lighting assets to new LED technology on finding greater performance, lower costs and maintenance savings when compared to repairs to lanterns.  Analysis of the street lights found that some of our 58,000 street lights to be more than 40 years old and these and many others did not meet modern lighting standards. We explored different lantern types to meet the lighting needs of each road, applied energy usage figures, used different installation profiles and explored alternative funding streams to maximise the benefits from lower energy costs and carbon use. We found an initial outlay paid back quicker using finance from Prudential Borrowing. On selection and gaining approvals we began our installation in 2013/14 and the programme runs to 2019/20.

Last Updated: 26 August 2020