Selecting Schemes

We select programmes of work and the schemes contained within using a number of factors to determine priority and benefit the highway network.

paving slab
Central Milton Keynes Footway




We determine the costs of repairing or replacing the elements making up the highway asset, such as roads, bridges, paths and Redways. These are prioritised using a series of factors:




Strategic Objective 

  • References the vision within emerging Mobility Strategy and Council Plan to support growth, mobility provision and an effective network, offer travel choice, and to protect transport users and the environment.


  • A ranking score of the actual physical and technical state of the asset usually based on survey.
  • Road category and classification – A score applied to importance of a road, and amount and type of traffic carried.


  • A factor that considers the risk of not taking action to improve an asset with a higher value applied to older items. e.g. Street Lighting columns over 40 years old are more likely to fail and topple than one of 20 years old

Value for money

  • A factor maximising the impact of money spent on highways to bring the network to an appropriate condition.

Network management benefit

  • A factor adding value through scheme co-ordination to minimise network user disruption during works to reduce the high cost associated with traffic management.

After calculation, we allocate the available funding to take forward a scheme before combining into programmes. Currently, we give precedence to higher classified roads and those carrying greater amounts of traffic.

Last Updated: 27 February 2020