About Us

The Highways Team

MK Council is a unitary authority so we are also the Highways Authority for the Borough of Milton Keynes. This means we have a statutory duty to maintain the highways and to keep them safe for all users. 'Highways' is anything where there is a public right of way and includes: roads, redways, footways, bridges and other structures like underpasses, street lighting plus street furniture. 

We are responsible for adopted (Council-owned) highways only. Unadopted roads and footways are the responsibility of the landowner. You can find out what is adopted highways on the My MK Mapping tool.

In 2014, MK Council entered into a contract with Ringway to provide highways services on behalf of the council. All works on the highway by the Council are carried out by Ringway or one of their approved sub-contractors.

The Highways team is made up of sub-teams that each carry out an important function:

1. Asset Management - they plan, schedule and programme routine maintenance, respond to emergencies, provide winter services e.g. gritting and work with Ringway to keep our assets safe and in good condition.

2. Network and Development - they work with developers, provide professional advice and consultation, design and build schemes to improve road safety and traffic flow, analyse road safety data and oversee the adoption of unadopted roads and footways.

3. Streetworks - they arrange permits and licences for working on the highways, carry out inspections and enforcement and ensure that anyone working on the highways is complying with the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA)

4. Traffic Regulation - they design, consult and enact traffic regulation orders for the highways in MK. They also compile the weekly Register of Roadworks.

5. Highways Liaison - they manage highways enquiries and communications, answer FOI requests, engage with the local community, councillors and parishes, arrange for local parish and accessibility projects to be carried out. 


The Transport Team

The team cover transport strategy and policy, passenger transport, promote sustainable transport options like cycling and walking and look at future transport innovation. They also help to provide travel plans for schools, promote road safety initiatives and help with providing community transport options.

The Transport Team is made up of sub-teams that each carry out an important function:

1. Passenger Transport - they liaise with bus operators to provide up to date ticketing options, real time passenger information, manage concessionary fees and passes.

2. Sustainable Transport - they promote and support initiatives for greener transport options like walking and cycling. The team work with local and national organisations to improve options in MK like bike loan schemes, walking and cycling routes and wayfinding (signs).

3. Transport Strategy and Planning - the team look at how people will travel in and around the city now and in the future. They look at population growth, national policy, local needs, new and emerging technologies, environmental impacts and other factors to plan what infrastructure we need in MK. They produce key council documents such as the Mobility Strategy 2018-2036 and the Local Transport Plan. 


Last Updated: 20 October 2021