Highways Licences and Application Forms

If you are carrying out work on or close to our highway network you may need to apply for a licence first.  You will find all the information about each type of licence, how to apply and any fees here.

You will need to apply for a licence if the work you are planning to do will be on or overhangs onto the adopted highway which is owned by the Council. All the categories, forms and relevant fees are listed below.

To check if a road or street is adopted highway using the My MK Mapping tool on our homepage. Select the 'My Maps' tabs, add a postcode and then check the 'Adopted Highways' box 

If you need assistance or have a question about licences get in touch with our Streetworks Coordination Team on 01908 252353 or email: streetworkscoordination@Milton-keynes.gov.uk

  • Scaffolding - if this is on the highway (road, footway or verges) needs licensing under the Highways Act 1980. 10 working days notice is required.
  • Hoardings - these are usually close boarded fences and will need a licence if they are on the highway.
  • Temporary Access - when contractors or builders need to construct temporary access to a site from a public highway, an application form called  Temporary Development Access Licence needs to be completed, and a licence can be issued normally within seven days. If you wish to have a temporary access and want to know about charges, please contact the Streetworks team streetworkscoordination@milton-keynes.gov.uk  or call 01908 252353.
  • Temporary Traffic Lights - complete this form for any road works being carried out by a utility or private company Traffic Signal Form (PDF, 19KB)
  • Road Openings - as well as the Private Road Opening Licence Form, a Road Space Booking / Notice of Works form must accompany the application both at the advance notification stage, works in progress stage and works stop or closed stage. 
    Road Closures - If you have any queries about road closures: phone 01908 254604. To apply to close a road go to Road Closures
  • Road Space Booking - use this link to apply for a road space booking Road Space Booking, Notice of Works form (XLS, 40KB)
  • Vehicle Crossings (Dropped Kerbs) - use this link to see our section on dropped kerbs. We are not taking any new applications as our process is being reviewed. Once this is complete we will begin accepting applications again.
    Vehicle Crossings

Licence Application (Highways) fees

Follow the links in the table below to the online forms

Licence Fee  Period 
Skip Application £56 For up to 7 days (£33 for each 7 days after that) 
Skip (Non Permitted)  £248.19 If a skip is on the highway without a licence 
Scaffold (Simple)  £153 For one month or part thereof
Scaffold (Complex)  £561 For one month or part thereof
Hoarding  £153 For one month or part thereof
Private Opening  £786 One-off payment 
Private Opening over 200m  £1,611 One-off payment 
Private Apparatus  £25 One-off payment 
Vehicle Crossing Residential* £199 One-off payment (Inspection and application) 
Vehicle Crossing Industrial* £840 One-off payment (Inspection and application) 
Vehicle Crossing (Non Permitted)* £337 Plus the inspection and application fee 
Tables and chairs outside food/drink premises (CMK only) £449 Annual fee
Tables and chairs outside food/drink premises (Rest of MK) £224 Annual fee
Oversail £POA Price on application
Crane  £276

Per 48 hours

Crane (Technically Approved)  £POA Price on application
Building Material on the Highway £107.80 Per week 
Emergency Closures  £520 Per closure 
Planting Licence £132 Placing tree/shrub/plants on public highway

*Currently under review - no new applications are being accepted at this time.

Last Updated: 28 July 2021