Terms and Conditions for depositing a Crane on the Highway

A temporary walkway for pedestrians of at least 1.2m in width is to be provided and maintained at all times.

Users of the highway must be protected from falling debris, dust and other pollutants in accordance with the guidelines.

The vehicle/plant must be signed, guarded and illuminated in accordance with the regulations of Milton Keynes Council and any additional special conditions

Such traffic signs as are necessary must be erected prior to commencement of works and maintained at all times in accordance with the regulations and any other publication that is referenced.

Any vehicle/plant considered a danger to the public, or causing damage to the highway or causing a greater obstruction than is approved in the permit, the permit holder shall, on the instruction of Milton Keynes Council or a police officer or the written instruction of the highway authority, forthwith remove the vehicle/plant.

The Licensee is responsible for all reinstatement/damage works as decided upon following a dilapidation survey.

The Licensee is responsible for the repair of any damage to the highway however caused by the vehicle/ plant. If Milton Keynes Council has to repair the highway as a result of damage caused by the vehicle/plant they will recover costs from the Licensee.

The Licensee must indemnify Milton Keynes Council against all claims, costs, charges or actions, which arise out of working with the vehicle/plant on the highway. Proof of public insurance (minimum of £10 million with £5 million) is to be provided on request along with the companies’ accreditation/Streetworks card.

The Licensee must provide a copy of the licence to the hire company (if applicable) for their records.

The Licensee is responsible for ensuring all statutory requirements have been met; for example, working at Height Regulations.

A safe working area at ground level must be provided to prevent pedestrians gaining access to the working area. A pedestrian walkway must be maintained around the temporary access arrangement or mobile lifting apparatus to enable persons in wheelchairs, prams and so on to pass the apparatus safely.

If the Crane is believed to be in an unsafe condition or location, a highway officer will contact the licensee. The licensee will remove the apparatus forthwith. If Milton Keynes Council has to arrange any traffic management to avoid a dangerous situation continuing, the costs incurred will be recharged to the licensee

A site meeting prior to the application is required with a site report completed and appropriate photographs.

For site meetings please call 01908 253428

The works shall prominently display an information board with the owners name and 24hr emergency contact number. 

Last Updated: 30 November 2017