Terms and Conditions for placing a Skip on the Highway

Each skip shall not exceed 5 metres in length by 2 metres in width.

Works shall prominently display an information board with the owners name and 24hr contact.

Each skip or group of skips shall be marked in accordance with the Builder’s skips (Markings) Regulations 1984 copies of which are available on request. Each skip must have 4 reflective strips attached vertically to the outside edge of the skip to be visible to traffic at all times. These strips must be kept clean to remain reflective at all times.

During all hours of darkness a warning lamp shall be placed against or attached to each corner of the skip or the end corners of the row of skips where two or more skips are deposited in a row and the distance between adjacent skips does not exceed 2m. Each lamp shall have an illuminative power of not less than 1 candela and shall remain lit throughout hours of darkness

Positioning of skips

Each skip shall be deposited as stated above and shall be positioned so that its longer sides are parallel to the edge of the carriageway and as near to the edge of the carriageway as is reasonably practicable and so that it does not impede the surface water drainage of the highway nor obstruct access to any gully, manhole, fire hydrants or the apparatus of any statutory undertaker.

Skips must not be placed causing obstruction of the highway or access to premises unless the consent of the occupier of those premises has been obtained. Where more than one skip in one location is licensed on the highway at any one time the skips should be positioned adjacent and as close to each other as possible, and no more than 2 metres apart

No skip should be placed on any footway or verge unless otherwise specified on licence

In controlled parking zones skips should be placed in parking bays only. No skip should be placed in a loading/unloading/disabled parking bay.

No skip should be placed on any yellow or white lines, unless there is an official dispensation in writing from the Parking Team

All skips to be placed at least 10m from any junction, bend or corner unless otherwise specified on licence.

All skips to be placed 20m away from any bus stop

No skip, when standing in the highway, shall contain any asbestos, inflammable, explosive, noxious or dangerous material or any material which is likely to putrefy or which otherwise is, or is likely to become, a nuisance to users of the highway

No skip shall be used in such a way that any of its contents fall on to the highway, or that there is an escape of dust from the contents of the skip when standing on the Highway.

Each skip shall be removed for emptying as soon as practicable, and in any case no later than 24 hours after notification that it has been filled has been made

All materials placed in each skip shall be properly and legally disposed of and the highway where the skip(s) have been deposited shall be left in a clean, tidy, and undamaged condition. Any damage caused to the highway should be reported to the Council and the owner of the skip will be held responsible for the cost of reinstatement

If a skip is in a pay and display parking bay you must seek the correct permission from the Parking team before applying for a licence

All skips within shopping/busy areas shall have a lockable lid.

Last Updated: 27 February 2020