Roadworks, closures and diversions

Any work, closure or diversion for our roads is listed in our Highways Register. You can use this to search for a particular area, type of work and more.

You can also look online at 

This website also provides up-to-date information about who is carrying out the works plus start and finish dates. We've put a useful guide together to show you how to use this online tool: 

One Network (formerly User Guide (PDF, 529KB)


The Highways Register

MS Excel Version (spreadsheet) (XLSX, 1.4MB)

Adobe PDF Version (95KB)

We update these lists each week however some scheduled work may change due to poor weather conditions or road traffic incidents for example.


Please note:

Highways England are responsible for roadworks on the M1 and A5. Check their website at


Apply for a road closure

If you want to close a road for an event you will need to complete the appropriate Temporary Traffic Order form (below). You must send this to us at least 12 weeks before the date you need to close the road.

Temporary Traffic Order Application

Type Of Application Please read the guidance information to ensure you select the correct application
Section 14(1) Application Form (DOCX, 61KB) For the purpose of closing part of the highway in order to carry out streetworks activities/ for public safety. More information and help with completing the form is available here in the Section 14(1) guidance document (PDF, 239KB)
Section 16A Application Form (PDF, 337KB) For the purpose of closing part of the to enable major events/sporting events. If you need any guidance or have a question email
Section 21 Application Form (PDF, 346KB) For the purpose of closing the highway to enable parades/carnivals/street parties/community events. More information and help with completing the form is available here in the Section 21 guidance document (PDF, 271KB)
  • Pay a fee if you are carrying out any work on the road (this fee pays for the advert in the local newspaper a statutory requirement) The charge that is made for temporary closures or traffic restrictions is £2160.  If a further notice is required this will be an additional £510. The fee is charged to recompense the Council for its costs in preparing and advertising the temporary traffic Order.  Where a particular Order is complex in nature and would result in substantial additional costs, the Council reserves the right to seek an additional contribution, but in this event the applicant would be advised within ten days of the application being received.
  • The fee is waived for social events such as carnival parades and street parties organised by non-profit making organisations.

If your application is refused it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • The speed limit is greater than 30mph.
  • The road space has been reserved for works to be carried out on the highway.
  • The application form was received too late.
  • The physical measures that the applicant intends to use in order to close the road are not adequate and/or safe.

For more information, please contact our Traffic regulation order (TRO) Team for support they will be able to answer questions and provide information to help you with your application.

Last Updated: 19 February 2021