Traffic Management Permit Scheme

From 30 March 2015 activities and roadworks on the highway have required a traffic management permit

Since 30 March 2015 the traffic management permit scheme has been in place to help:

Permits are required for any works on the highway
  •  reduce disruption on the road network
  •  improve network management
  •  reduce delays to the public
  •  promote a safer environment
  •  reduce carbon emissions

Any roadworks and activities on highways can potentially reduce the amount of the street available to traffic and pedestrians. This can also cause problems for businesses and local residents. The level of disruption varies depending on the type of activities and the type of street. Some streets in MK for example are wide whereas in some older areas they can be much smaller.

If the traffic flow is close to, or exceeds, the capacity of the street then activities can cause congestion, disruption and delays.

The Milton Keynes Traffic Management Permit Scheme will improve the strategic and operational management of the road network through better planning, scheduling and management of activities to minimise disruption to any people using the road or pavement.  The council will use it to coordinate activities throughout the highway network and ensuring disruption is kept to a minimum.

Activities that require a permit

You will need a permit if your activity includes:

  •    breaking up or resurfacing any street
  •    opening the carriageway or cycleway of traffic-sensitive streets at traffic sensitive times
  •    the need for any form of temporary traffic regulation order or notice, or the suspension of pedestrian crossing facilities
  •    reducing the lanes available on a carriageway of three or more lanes
  •    reducing the width of the existing carriageway of a traffic-sensitive street at a traffic sensitive time

If your activities fall into the above categories you will need a permit before work can commence. For more information read the documents to the left of this page.

If you would like to view the report assessing us in our first year of the permit scheme, please view the Milton Keynes Permit Scheme Year 1 June 2016 report (PDF, 1.4MB)

Last Updated: 30 November 2017