Vehicle Crossings and Dropped Kerbs

Where a property has no vehicular access from the road, it is illegal to drive across the footway or a grass verge.  The resident may apply to the Council for a dropped kerb to be installed at the applicants’ expense. 

All vehicle crossing applications incur a non-refundable application fee of £189.30, payable in advance when submitting your application. 

On receipt of the licence the applicant will be required to carry out the necessary works within a period of 6 Months to complete the crossing, Failure to do so will require the applicant to re-apply for a new licence where additional charges for the sum of £94.81 for an additional inspection.

With increasing problems with parking, many residents wish to park their vehicles off the highway, within their own property.  Milton Keynes Council encourages residents to do this as long as certain criteria are met.

It is illegal to cross the footway without a certified vehicle crossing, this is because the standard footway is not designed to take the weight of a vehicle constantly crossing it and it could result in damage to underground services or cause damage to the footpath resulting in trip hazards for pedestrians.

You should read carefully the following guidance to ensure you understand the process before completing the:

 Vehicle crossing application form (PDF, 399KB)

Guidance flowchart (PDF, 827KB)


Private Vehicular Access within the Public Highway (PDF, 480KB)

Commercial Access within the Public Highway (Usually Serving One Business) (PDF, 417KB)

Industrial Access within the Public Highway (Usually Serving More Than One Business) (PDF, 401KB)

Agricultural Access within the Public Highway (PDF, 482KB)


For the Council to allow a vehicle crossing the following requirements must be met before any construction is undertaken:

  1. You are required to apply for approval for the construction of a vehicle crossing to allow you to cross over the pavement or grass verge.
  2. The proposed construction of the vehicle crossing must be approved by Milton Keynes Council Highways Department (Streetworks):
  3. The Highways Department will need to visit the site and determine whether it is feasible to construct a crossing without adversely affecting the surrounding properties or creating a potential safety hazard for other highways users.
  4. The Council may refuse permission for a number of reasons after consultation with other Council departments.  Following the Council's decision, the applicant will be notified in writing.  If the application is refused the application fee is not refundable
  5. There must be a suitable hard standing within your property of at least 5.0m x 2.5m, perpendicular to the road that provides at least as many parking spaces as will be taken up on the street by the vehicle crossing.
  6. Milton Keynes Council does not normally allow secondary crossings into a property which is already served by an existing crossing.
  7. Milton Keynes Council's Planning Department (01908 252358) must be consulted, and planning permission obtained where required, for any works to be undertaken within the boundary of the property to be served by the vehicle crossing. 
  8. If the property is Council owned, then Milton Keynes Council’s Housing Department (01908 691691) must be consulted.
  9. Gradients for both footways and the vehicle crossing have been set out to avoid injury to pedestrians and to avoid any damage occurring to vehicles using the crossing.  These gradients should not exceed; Footpath 1 in 12 and vehicle crossing 1 in 14.


If you illegally cross the highway to park on your property without permission or have not satisfied these criteria the Council have powers to either construct a crossing at your expense or carry out works to restrict your access.

If you have any concerns or questions that remain unanswered, you can contact the Councils Streetworks Team by email



Last Updated: 3 March 2020