Vehicle Crossings and Dropped Kerbs

A vehicle crossing or dropped kerb is where the footway is strengthened and the kerb lowered so vehicles can move between the road and a property.

You must apply to the council for a licence to install a vehicle crossing as it is illegal to drive across a footway or grass verge to access a property. This is because a footway is not designed to take the weight of a vehicle constantly crossing it and it could result in damage to underground services like fibre optic cables or pipes and you may be causing damage to the footpath which is a trip hazard for pedestrians.

A vehicle crossing application costs £195 which you must pay when you apply. This is non-refundable so it's important that you check that your location meets our criteria before applying. This fee covers the inspection and administration of the work.

Who can have a vehicle crossing?

Check our Criteria Document (PDF, 91KB) carefully before completing the application form to see if your location qualifies.

You may also find this flowchart useful and have a look at our Specifications documents at the end of the page.

Guidance flowchart (PDF, 827KB)

What happens after I apply?

After our inspection we will let you know if your application is successful. You'll then get a licence which allows you to carry out the work to complete the crossing within six months from the date of the licenceIf you don't complete the work within the six months you'll have to re-apply and you will be charged £94.81 for an additional inspection.

Ready to apply?

Click on the link below to complete the application form.

Vehicle crossing application form (PDF, 278KB)

Any questions?

Get in touch with our Streetworks Team on 01908 252353 or email


Private Vehicular Access within the Public Highway (PDF, 480KB)

Commercial Access within the Public Highway (Usually Serving One Business) (PDF, 417KB)

Industrial Access within the Public Highway (Usually Serving More Than One Business) (PDF, 401KB)

Agricultural Access within the Public Highway (PDF, 482KB)



Last Updated: 19 February 2021