Vehicle Crossings - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering applying for a Vehicle Crossing outside your property and have a question, check below as it may be answered here

Are all properties suitable for front garden parking? No. Some gardens can be too steep, narrow or too short. To be able to park most cars without overhanging the footway (which is an offence) requires a depth back from the adopted highway boundary of at least 5 metres.

What is the size of the vehicle crossing? A standard vehicle crossing is 5 metres wide. Each location will be assessed individually.

Will there need to be an existing hardstanding surface? Yes - this must be at the property before the vehicle crossing application may proceed.This is to ensure that the purpose of the application is for the legal use of the crossing to gain access onto the property and not for any other reason.

Do I need Planning Permission? In many cases there is no requirement, but you will if you live on a classified road such as an A, B or C road or if you live in a flat or maisonette and intend to construct a permanent hardstanding space for your car.
You should get on touch with the Planning Team on 01908 252358 or email for advice before you submit your application.

What type of vehicle can use a crossing? Only cars or motorcycles can be used on a ‘Residential Crossing’ - any vehicles over 1.5 tonnes such as a van will require an industrial strength ‘Commercial Crossing’.

Who pays for constructing the crossing?  The applicant will need to pay all the costs which is usually the householder.

Who will construct the crossing? Only a Council-approved contractor, our service provider or their approved contractor can carry out these construction works. Any contractor must have the required public liability insurance and the appropriate ‘Streetworks Supervisor’ qualification. This information must be provided to us before any work is started. Only our Highways service provider may move street furniture.

How much does it cost? You will firstly need to apply for a licence - our fees are listed below:

2020-2021 Vehicle Crossing Fees (PDF, 170KB)

The construction quote will be provided by the approved constructor which will be tailored to your specific location and requirements.

Last Updated: 6 April 2021