Frequently Asked Questions - adopted roads and footways

When a new area is built, the land including the roads and footways still belong to the developer until they are adopted by MK Council. Until they are adopted they will not become our responsibility to maintain them which means we won't grit them in winter, repair street lights or potholes.

You should find the answer to your question below, if you need more information or have further questions then get in touch with us on 01908 252353 or email

How can I check if my road is adopted by MK Council?

Use the Milton Keynes Interactive Mapping page found on our homepage. Enter your postcode, select your address and then check the box for Highways Adoptions.  If the road is marked in blue it has been adopted by the Council and is maintained by us.

Who do I report a maintenance issue to? (pothole, street light out)

Check to see if your road has been adopted by the Council first, if it is not adopted (show in blue) you should contact the developer who built your estate. If it has been adopted by us then you can:

Does the Council adopt all new roads?

No - some roads or parts of roads are in private ownership and will never be adopted. Before we adopt a road or footway it will be checked by us that it meets our standards first. This is usually done as a legal agreement between the developer and the Council.

Who maintains unadopted roads?

The landowner is responsible for the maintenance of a private road. Ownership will be listed on the property deeds. The Council have no responsibility to carry out any maintenance works on an unadopted road or footway, this includes gritting, repairs, cleansing or cutting back vegetation.

Last Updated: 17 March 2021