Advisory Disabled (Resident) Parking Bays and Access Protection Markings

Please note that Advisory Disabled Bays and Access Protection Markings are not enforceable by the police or council.

Advisory Disabled (Residents) Parking Bays

This can tell other road users that parking close to a property is necessary for a disabled resident. They are not legally enforceable and are not reserved for a specific Blue Badge holder.

A charge of £197.83 is payable by the applicant for either a new bay or for renewing an existing one that has faded.

To apply, download the Advisory Disabled Parking Bay Application Form (PDF, 342KB)


Advisory Access Protection Markings (APMs)

This is a single white line in the shape of an 'H' across a driveway or other vehicle access to help prevent vehicles from parking there. They are not legally enforceable but can help to highlight a concealed entrance.

Before you apply for APM markings please check the following:

  • There is a legal dropped kerb at the property access
  • There are no existing waiting restrictions (yellow lines).
  • There is a conflict in parking needs, such as near to a school or shops
  • There is supporting evidence of previous obstruction.

There is a charge of £197.83 for both new markings and for renewal of those that have faded.

To apply, download the Advisory Access Protection Marking Application Form (PDF, 321KB)

Last Updated: 25 February 2021