Consultations for the Implementation of Prohibition of Verge and Pavement Parking

Landsborough Gate and Drummound Hay, Willen (September 2017)

Milton Keynes Council received a request from the local parish council who wrote to residents of Willen. This was to address the parking issues at Willen local centre, school and adjacent roads. The letter asked for the views of the residents on how severe is parking on pavement and verges. The parish council received a large response from residents of Landsborough Gate.

We also included Drummond Hay in our informal consultation, as if the ban is introduced in Landsborough Gate, this would displace parking and cause motorists to park in Drummond Hay.

We wrote to residents asking for their views on the introduction of a 24 hour verge and pavement ban and asked that they complete a short questionnaire by 31/10/2017.

Extension to Verge and Pavement Parking Ban in Wordsworth Avenue

We have surveyed the streets off Wordsworth Avenue and do not consider there to be a problem currently, however if the ban is introduced this may displace parking and cause motorists to park in these streets. The Council is therefore recommending that the ban be extended to cover the streets listed below. 

  • Spark Way
  • Lewis Close
  • Shaw Close
  • Huxley Close
  • Orwell Close
  • Marlow Drive
  • Lamb Close
  • Byron Road
  • Keats Close
  • Chaucer Close
  • Hemmingway Close

We have written to the residents of these streets asking for their views on the parking ban and would like to apologise as there has been an administration error with the address for the questionnaire. Please see correct link below.

We want to hear your views on the proposal to introduce the ban in your streets and would ask that you complete the short questionnaire online by 23rd June 2017.

If we do not receive a response, we will assume this is a positive vote in favour of extending the ban to your street, therefore if you opposet, it is very important that you respond to say so.

Wordsworth Avenue, Newport Pagnell

We have received reports that vehicles in Wordsworth Avenue have been parked on the pavement/grass verge.

Parking on the pavement and verge can cause serious inconvenience, and in some cases be hazardous, to wheelchair and pushchair users who are forced to walk in the road. It also damages the verge and pavement, resulting in increased costs for the Council to repair. It can on occasions also cause serious damage to underground utilities, as verges and pavements are not designed to take the weight of vehicles.

We want to hear your views regarding the parking situation. Please read the information below and complete the short questionnaire online by 20 January 2017.

Questionnaires returned without a valid address will not be included in our analysis of the results.  Names and addresses will not be published.The responses received will determine whether the residents would like the Council to introduce a 24 hour verge and pavement ban, therefore it is important that you respond. The responses received will determine whether the ban is implemented, so please take time to have your say.

If there are other people residing at this address then please share this information with them.

If you require assistance completing this questionnaire, please call MK Parking 01908 252309.

Vehicles parking on the verge or pavement could be liable for a £70 Penalty Charge Notice.

If you have any questions or queries, please e-mail or call 01908 252309.


Last Updated: 25 March 2019